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Packtpub – Excel 2013 Dashboard Design

Excel 2013 Dashboard Design
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Packtpub – Excel 2013 Dashboard Design
Utilize your existing data and turn it into valuable business intelligence

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What you will learn from this video course
– Master the dashboard planning and design process by incorporating feedback from your audience, setting yourself up for success
– Import data from your SQL or Access Database, or another spreadsheet, so that you can utilize all the relevant data in your dashboard
– Implement PowerPivot as a flexible aggregation point for all your data, creating a bridge between Excel and your data sources
– Utilize PivotTables to aggregate, slice, and present data exactly how your audience needs to see it
– Deploy PivotCharts to effectively illustrate trends and metrics to your audience
– Stylize and enhance your dashboard with conditional formatting and SparkLines to quickly communicate KPIs to your stakeholders
– Add interactive features that put your audience in control of the data that they see, allowing them to drill down and focus on what is important to them
– Quickly create a sleek and powerful dashboard using the new Power View feature
– Explore the publishing options for your dashboard and deploy it using the most effective medium for your audience

Who this video course is for:
If you want to substantially increase your value to any organization, as an employee, consultant, or freelancer, opening up the door for raises, promotions, or additional contracts, then dashboard design is an extremely worthwhile and marketable skill to learn. If you’re an analyst of any kind, you know the value of effectively presenting your work. This course is designed to take your intermediate-level Excel skills to the next level and beyond.

In Detail:
As businesses collect increasing amounts of vital data, the need for an effective and intuitive interface increases every day. Excel 2013 is a natural tool to handle these business intelligence projects because you’re working in a familiar environment and harnessing Microsoft’s powerful enterprise-level software. This video course provides you with all the information you need to know to create a fully interactive dashboard, making you invaluable to your organization.

Excel 2013 Dashboard Design will show you how to turn your organization’s data into a powerful and interactive dashboard. By learning these easy-to-implement, advanced techniques, you can impress and empower the decision-makers in your organization, making you an irreplaceable asset.

Excel 2013 Dashboard Design begins by creating a vision for the dashboard with the help of stakeholders, and then moves on to gathering the data and building each element of the dashboard. The course ends with comparing distribution strategies appropriate for every size and type of organization.

The first section, Outputs and Inputs, covers the strategic aspects of planning your finished product and bringing in all of the necessary data from your database or Excel workbook. We then explore PowerPivot, a powerful bridge between your raw data and Excel. PivotTables will help us slice our data in a flexible manner, and Charts give us at-a-glance comprehension of important metrics and trends. Stylizing and Interactivity enhance the user experience and present the information in a manageable format. Publication can be problematic without proper planning, but we’ll cover the most effective ways to distribute your dashboard to any type or size of audience.

Excel 2013 Dashboard Design will guide you through your entire project, start to finish, covering every part of the process in depth. Since you’ll not only learn how to do each task, but also why it would be beneficial for you, you’ll be able to easily translate your learning into your own dashboard design project.

About the author
Tony Kau has been pushing Microsoft Excel to its limits for the better part of a decade, working extensively with automation, VBA, data visualization, and database and web integration. His passion is to efficiently leverage data to inform strategic business decisions.

He holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Oregon, and his background includes web design, programming, and financial analysis. He currently operates and holds a Reporting Analyst position at a Fortune 500 company.


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