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Patrick G Riley – The ONE-PAGE Proposal

Patrick G Riley – The ONE-PAGE Proposal

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Review by By Andy Orrock (San Mateo, CA) – See all my reviews
Like a previous reviewer, I did the ‘Better Together’ promotion which paired Patrick Riley’s “One-Page Proposal” with Tom Sant’s book. How good is Riley’s book? Five pages into it, I literally pitched Sant’s book. Nothing against Mr. Sant’s work. I was just so smitten with Riley’s approach and take on things that I didn’t want a competing model to diminish the clarity of it.

I have to say, Riley crafts a real “you had me at hello” moment with a riveting opening tale of how he first was introduced to the method: by none other than Adnan Khashoggi. That’s what gives the method its credibility. You have to imagine a guy like Khashoggi getting bombarded with proposals, most of them long, overwrought, wordsmithed to death and – more often than not – completely ignored by their target. Khashoggi’s message? “You want to get my attention, here’s how.”

Riley ends the book by showing you the one-page proposal sent to Judith Regan about writing a book for her publishing house, i.e., the book that you’re holding in your hands. It goes without saying: the Regan pitch was another successful proposal.

So, this is more than just another boring how-to business cookbook. Any work that manages to weave together Adnan Khashoggi with Judith Regan definitely has my attention. Patrick Riley deserves your attention, too. His book is worth your time and money.



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