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Patrick Mikula – Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 1&2 [2 Docs (PDF))

Patrick Mikula – Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled
[2 Docs (PDF))

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These two Volumes combine to form an in-depth view of Gann’s style of writing and methods of determining market movements. This book is only for the serious Gann analyst. The two volume set could easily keep an experienced Gann analyst busy for several years.

The material in Volume 1 covers how to interpret Gann’s writing style as well as the proper use of Gann’s number wheels and squares. As yet, there have been no examples that we have seen that explain the use of these methods to this level of detail, most texts show how to simply lay a planet line on a chart using normal xy coordinates. The methods covered here show how to convert the planetary angle on to the number wheels to find support and resistance levels for any planet at any time in the future. The second volume extends on the first going into more detail and adding explanations of planetary averages, time and space, fourth dimensional measurement of time and first trade horoscopes. These methods have never been adequately covered before by any author, including Gann.

There is a reasonable level of assumed knowledge in regards to both markets and astronomy. The introductory section covers this somewhat, however, it needs to be understood thoroughly for the rest of the book to make sense. Volume 2 follows on from Volume 1 to include several little known methods that Gann only made known to his students towards the end of his life.

As with all of Gann’s material there are a lot of new ideas that will need to be absorbed over a long period of time, however, unlike Gann’s works, these books step you through each idea. There is no quick explanation of the contents of these books including:

   * how to interpret Gann’s writings;
   * how to relate prices to the planetary angles;
   * how to interpret planetary relationships for Corn and Soybeans;
   * the use of the Hex and square of nine charts;
   * balancing time and price;
   * the use of natural dates;
   * planetary ingress;
   * retrograde motion and the cube cycle; and,
   * interpretation of eclipses.

In particular, the interpretation of eclipses, when used in conjunction with Swing and Trend analysis methods can be a very reliable way of determining long term trends.

The two books form a comprehensive financial astrology course at a fraction of the price of other well known courses. Completion of the material should enable the student to determine major and minor turning points well in advance of the crowd. One of the more appealing facts about these books is that the author does not play games with the reader, alluding to some great secret to be revealed which never materializes. The material is factual and concise with many examples of the markets covered.

In conclusion, these two Volumes are the most straight forward and revealing books on Gann’s Methods we have seen.


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