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Paul Mascetta -Advanced Code of Influence

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Hi Guys Lancelot85 here with another upload

This Time an Exclusive

This is the Advanced Code of Influence

The First Code Of Influence is within this product

As I said this is the second part, the Advanced Part

However, the bonuses are in the first product

Revealed for the first time..

“The Advanced Code To Influencing Others To Your Way Of Thinking”

The Advanced Code
of Influence
(With Special Bonus Package)

Here’s What You Will Learn:

The Core of Influence – In this part of the program you will discover the central component of all influence, The Self.
Self-Awareness – Here you’ll learn about the true self awareness of people and where this representation of the self comes from.
The Two Kinds of Self-Awareness – Here I’ll share the 2 types of self awareness that people have so you can distinguish the difference when determining how a person really views themselves.
The Four-Step Feedback Method – Here you’ll gain an inside look at the four step process that people take to determine whether or not they are attaining their goals in life. This will help you better understand how to position your offers to them. Self-Esteem – Here you’ll discover the scientific reasons on how people develop self esteem and what it says about them.
Cultural Differences – Culture has a huge impact on the way people are influenced. What may easily influence someone in one part of the world could have the completely opposite effect somewhere else. Here you’ll learn why and how to use this information to your advantage.

The Role of Attribution in People’s Lives – In this part of the program you will learn how and why people think the way do about other people and how they form opinions.
Internal Attribution vs. External Attribution – Here you’ll learn the difference between an attribution that has to do with something internal versus something beyond someone’s control.
The How and Why of Attribution – Here you’ll discover the reason why the human mind has to form attributions in the first place which will help you get a better understanding of how people think and form opinions.
The Importance of Social Representations – Learn about one of the main driving forces behind a person’s reasoning for doing something; their social representation of the event or circumstance.

Social Cognition – This is truly powerful information because it gives you an understanding of how people take in and filter the data pertaining to those around them.
The Role of Heuristics – Here we will touch on mental short cuts called heuristics and the powerful role they play in the way people process information. This is crucial in learning how people are influenced.
The Different Types of Heuristics – Here you’ll learn about the different types of mental short cuts people use and why some work better than others in certain instances.

Social Categorization – In this part of the program you will learn exactly how people mentally categorize the people, places and things within their environments.
Exploring Stereotypes & Social Categories – Whether we choose to accept it or not, stereotypes are a part of life and the way people view the world. Here you’ll learn how those views formulate in the first place.
The Motivation Behind Social Categorization – Learning why people use social categorization is extremely important in the influence process because it equips you with the expert knowledge needed to understand why people behave and think they way that they do.

Attitudes – Here you’ll learn the true meaning of attitude and the role it plays in our lives. It’s probably NOT what you think.
Attitude Formation – In this part of the program you will get a firsthand look and how people actually form attitudes about their lives.
The Power of Self-Perception – Here you’ll learn about the role of the way people perceive themselves in the world and the impact it has on their decision making process.
Why Attitudes Matter – In this part of the program, I’ll cover the importance of actually knowing this information about attitudes and the roles they have on the influence process.
Attitude-Behavior Connection – Here we’ll explore the direct connection that exists between a person’s attitude and why they behave the way they do.

The Ivory Throne: Human Persuasion – Here you will discover the truth about persuasion and why it’s so powerful.
Route Determination – Here you’ll learn key factors which will tell you if a person is processing your information centrally and paying attention or peripherally where they’re using shortcuts, so you can adjust your presentation accordingly.
Exploring the Peripheral Route – Here we will look closer into the mechanics behind the way people use heuristics or mental short cuts.

Groups – We all belong to certain social groups, and these group memberships have a huge impact on our thoughts, opinions and decisions. Here you’ll learn why.
The Impact of Groups on Performance – Here I’ll reveal some little known but POWERFUL information about how people perform in groups.
The Three Theories of Social Facilitation & Social Inhibition – Here you’ll learn how groups are formed to begin with so you know how to approach people based on the group they belong to.

How Leaders Are Formed – Here I’ll show you exactly how true leaders form among groups.
The Task-Focused Leader & the Socio-Emotional Leader – Here you’ll learn the difference between the 2 major types of leaders and how they motivate people.
Leadership style – Here you’ll discover the different leadership styles and how they affect people.

Social Norms – Here you’ll learn how social norms or the unwritten rules which most people follow are formed in the first place.
Factors That Affect Conformity – Here you’ll learn the truth about what makes a person conform based on social influence.
Factors that Affect Informational Influence
Understanding Obedience – In this part of the program, you’ll discover exactly why people say yes, comply and do what you want them to.

Determinants of Helpful Behavior – Ever wonder why some people will help anyone in need while others won’t even blink an eye when someone needs their help? That question is answered here.
Affiliation – One’s affiliation has lot to do with what they believe in. Here you’ll learn how.
Determinants of Affiliation – There are many different reasons that affect one’s affiliation. Here you’ll learn them all.
Determinants of Attraction – In this super-interesting part of the program you will learn what makes one person attracted to another.
Friendship & Love – Here you’ll learn how these relationships are formed.
Types of Love – In this part of the program you will learn about the different types of love that exist among people and the effect they have on them.
Satisfaction & Commitment – Many people have searched high and low to find the answers to why people stay in relationships or sever ties. Look no more. The answer is right here.
And Much Much More!
This book is designed to give you an in-depth look at how people form thoughts and decisions about themselves, their actions and their relationships.

Having access to this type of information sets you apart from the average person and makes you a master influencer, because you gain an understanding of how the mechanics of the mind work.

This is truly an elevated level of expertise that not very many people (other than psychologists) have.

With this information you will be able to:

Understand why someone thinks and behaves the way they do
What causes a person to act in a certain way
What view of the world one has
How they really feel about certain things
What social groups they belong to
How they process information
What causes them to be attracted to someone
What causes them to fall in love
What will make them stay committed
And much more!


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