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Paul Mascetta – Universal Influence

Paul Mascetta – Universal Influence
[5 MP3 -1 PDF]

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Hi Guys Lancelot85 here with another upload

Paul Mascetta – Universal Influence

Dear friend,

Imagine for a second what your life would be like if you had everything you’ve ever wanted.
Imagine what it would feel like to be in complete control of your finances, health, and relationships.
Imagine if you could command respect wherever you went and have people admire everything about you.

This program includes a 200 + page digital book and 5 audio modules (approx 45 minutes each) available for immediate download to your PC or Mac.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll reveal:

How to effectively read another person’s mind like a well written book so you can predict their thoughts and behaviors….and then alter them to your advantage
How to spot a liar from a mile away before they utter one single word to you
The secrets to transmitting charisma and positive energy though a mere handshake so people are always open to your message
A little known tactic that basically gets people to fall in love you (and how to know when it’s the right time to pull it out)
How to instantly make a group of people trust and admire you
How to completely change the energy in a social situation to suit your needs
A powerful technique that almost no one would ever think to use that gains rapid compliance from people
The one thing you must focus on most if you really want people to give you what you want (most people completely overlook this)
How to make your target think you are the “go to” person for what they need
A “psych reversal” technique that 99% of people would be terrified to even think of using …but it’s more potent than you could ever imagine for getting people to get on your side
A little known technique that gets a perfect stranger to feel as though they’ve known you for years so you can make requests to them with no problem
How to subliminally make your offer appear more attractive to your audience
The most powerful tool you could ever want to pull out to get people to trip over themselves to say yes to your offer
How to effectively reformat someone’s thoughts about your offer if they happen to change their mind after saying yes
My own personal method for injecting power into your words when you speak to people
A simple but super effective blueprint for dealing with and reversing objections like a true master
What to do when someone blames the economy for not being able to help you
A simple NLP tactic that skyrockets your chances of gaining compliance
How to strategically use certain words that basically program the minds of others to say yes all of the time
Another NLP tactic that instantly engages your target so they’re ready to be persuaded
How to use future pacing the right way
How to transform simple conversation with people into life changing opportunities for yourself
How to use the “relevancy frame” to deal with difficult people
How to apply NLP language patterns for the first time
How to create a rock solid influential personality using the power of NLP
The key to never overwhelming or confusing your target so they procrastinate (this is another one that most people completely screw up)
How to instantly increase the value of your offer by ten fold so people are drawn to it like bees to a hive
The secret to gaining fast, steady and repeated commitments from people
A strange technique that positions you for victory every single time
How to instantly double the effectiveness of your presentation
The secret to really being able to recall the benefits of your offer instantly so you always appear to knowledgeable an in control
And much, much more!


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