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Paul Mascetta – Unspoken Power Master Edition

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Paul Mascetta- Unspoken Power Master Edition

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“How To Project The Most Influential Body Language So You Can Easily Persuade Others”

Here’s How You Can Master The Art Of Projecting Your Own Influential Body Language:
Unspoken Power Master Edition was designed for people who wish to use body language to communicate better with others. Unspoken Power Master Edition is like your very own personal toolbox of gestures, movements and expressions that you can use to achieve specific ends.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

The Communication Cycle
How the Body Responds to the Mind
Non-Verbal Language and the Body Response
The “Dance” for Social Interactions
Passive and Active Communication
How To Use The Planes of The Body To Project Authority
The Three Most Common Speaking Mistakes
How To Reduce Resistance With Your Movements
A Little Known technique For Making You Appear Trustworthy And Nice
How To Adjust Your Movements So That Others Feel Safe Around You
What you have just seen is a small fraction of what can be seen in Unspoken Power Master Edition. My 193-page mega tome has been designed to cover absolutely every aspect of body language and how anyone can use it to express himself with utmost effectiveness, impact and confidence.


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