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Paul Scheele – Dream Play

Paul Scheele – Dream Play [MP3].rar

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Remember and use your dreams for greater success in life

Dreams can be a source of tremendous personal wealth. Through dreams you can gain access to inner strength, inspiration, and creative genius. Explore your vast, uncharted dream world to discover how dreams can work for you. Use dreams to solve problems, rehearse activities, improve productivity, gain insight, integrate personal changes, and make sense of our complex universe.

“Dreaming may be the most important self-development opportunity we have.”

…says Dr. Stephen LaBerge of the Stanford Sleep Research Laboratory and the Lucidity Institute.

But, as you know, there are two important and sometime challenging steps: 1) program your dreams, and 2) recall dreams.

Dream Play will help you program your dreams in a way to access problem solving, precognition, intuition, and decision making.

Dream Play will also help you become more conscious of dreams while you are dreaming. It will help you become lucid so that you can actually direct your dreams while you are dreaming.

This provocative CD is a must for PhotoReaders as well as anyone interested in tapping into the vast world of dreams.

Dream solution to problems.
Dream how your relationships can work.
Dream yourself applying the principles from books you PhotoRead.

If you are a Star Trek fan, your bed can become your own Holodeck for any exotic adventure. Do you ski? Then, program yourself to dream about taking ski lessons and skiing perfectly and effortlessly in your dreams. If you are like other Paraliminal fans, you will ski better as a result.

Musicians have learned how dreams can help when learning a new piano piece. When they dream about the piece, it becomes memorized. This frees the musician to concentrate on playing—not on the sheet music.

Others have composed speeches, sermons, articles, and papers in their dreams. When this happens to you, wake up and take notes!



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