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Peng Joon – Content Multiplier

Peng Joon
[15 Video (MP4) + 10 Docs (PDF/XLS/DOCX/TXT)]

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Peng Joon – Content Multiplier

GB Page Here

Bonus Here

Peng Joon – 100,000 Facebook Followers

-Content Multiplier $07.85 (Social)
-(Upsell – 29 Day Action Plan $37.00  (02 – 29 Day Action Plan folder)
-Content Multiplier Formula Core Training + Bonuses $297.00  (03 – Content Multiplier Formula folder)
-Content Multiplier Formula “Done for You Tool Kit”  (Templates & Top Trend Research*)  $897.00 Unless I’ve missed it, I am not sure where the DFY component resides on the product if at all ?

This is the booklet (Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified) and Upsell of Peng Joon’s 100K FB followers AND
FB Verification in 29 days including the Content Multiplier Masterclass.

○ Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified:  (01 – Welcome folder)
○ Monetisation (04 – Monetisation Advanced folder)
○ Advanced Retargeting  (04 – Monetisation Advanced folder)
○ Core Training  (05 – Core Training – slides are the book folder)

○○  Bonus #1: Process Workflow Secrets  (BONUS folder)
○○  Bonus #2: Crucial KPIS to Measure  (BONUS folder)
○○  Bonus #3: Building Your Avengers Team  (BONUS folder)
○○  Bonus #4: 32 Proven Posts to Boost Likes, Comments & Shares  (BONUS folder)
○○  Bonus #5: Ultimate Ad Template  (BONUS folder)

03 – Content Multiplier Formula folder:

Content Multiplier Formula Masterclass $297

The ‘Content Multiplier Formula’ Masterclass & 5 (FREE) Bonuses:

The masterclass is where I will be going deep into each step of the formula
on a granular level, starting with …

How to Create Videos That Are Proven To Have High Engagements
We will begin with the end in mind where I will be revealing to you exactly how to shoot your videos using titles in your industry that are proven to have high engagements and how to legally and ethically use them. Swipe, deploy and implement.

Pooling Resources Strategically
You will be given the templates, shared google docs, spreadsheets that I personally use in house and show you how to share this with your virtual assistant or team. Even if you don’t have a team right now, this is crucial in starting to streamline processes.

Repurposing Content Secrets
Next, we will create a game plan on having your content everywhere. It’s about having your content that matches the context of different platforms. This is where we optimise your content for Facebook, Instagram, stories, swipe ups, YouTube, podcast and your website.

Video Optimisation Secrets
Not all videos are created equal. I will be revealing to you how different platforms have different algorithms and how you can strategically position your content so that these platforms shows more of your stuff organically.

Content Maximiser Formula
We now leverage the content you have created and now maximise it’s reach by creating additional supporting content through the initial pillar content that you have created.

Free Traffic from Search Engines
Your content now goes onto your blog or website and is optimised in a way so that it will start ranking on search engines. This free traffic source is crucial as a long term traffic strategy.

“Surely This Can’t Be Legal” Strategy
This step is sick. Nobody else is doing this. (other than those who have bought this). I can’t say more.

Secrets to 100k Instagram Followers
Imagine having built a following of 100,000 on Instagram. This means:
– 10% will watch your stories (10,000 people)
– 10% who watch stories will swipe up (1,000 people)

If you did a “swipe up” campaign every 3 days, it means that you would have at least 10,000 targeted people visiting your funnels from this source alone in a month. What would that be worth to you?

Show Me The Money!
On top of the strategies, you will be receiving the ads, templates, swipe files that I personally use in order for you to monetise, but doing it in a way that isn’t sleazy, pushy or manipulative.

BONUS folder:

Here Are The Other 5 Bonuses
That You’ll Be Getting For FREE:

Bonus #1 36 Proven Posts to Boost Likes, Comments and Shares ($197 Value)
You’ll be getting the templates that we personally use: 36 different templates and themes in total to boost comments, likes and shares on social media.

Bonus #2 Building Your Avengers Team ($497 Value)
I’ll be passing you the write ups on job roles, descriptions and responsibilities so that you can post them up on freelance websites to build your dream team.

This includes getting the right video editor, writer, graphic designer and project manager, that will get the work done for you at a very affordable investment, without the headaches of micro managing all of them. You will see that this thing pays for itself when you come to the step of monetisation.

Bonus #3 Crucial KPIs to Measure ($197 Value)
I’ll also be giving you the training on crucial numbers to measure to really make sure that the return on investment is there, even before you begin content creation.

Bonus #4 Process Workflow Secrets ($1,997 Value)
You’ll be receiving all of our worksheets, process flows, the actual google sheets that we share amongst the team to make sure deadlines are always met, and how you can have every post up on time, every time. It took us over a year to really get this process down into a well-oiled machine.

Bonus #5 Ultimate Ad Template ($197 Value)
This is my 7-point Ad Formula that has generated ten of millions of clicks and dollars for my business. Start creating your very own high-converting Facebook Ads to skyrocket your leads and sales.


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