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Percy Whiting – The 5 Great Rules of Selling

Percy Whiting – The 5 Great Rules of Selling [eBook (PDF)].pdf
[eBook (PDF)]

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Here’s the book that shows how you can easily increase your sales, whether you’re a beginer or a veteran salesperson. Thse are the methods used by top salespeople – methods by which you can obtain more interviews, make more successful closings, secure more signatures on the dotted line!

Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of selling ideas tested by Percy H. Whiting in his thirty-five years of training thousands of people for top selling positions, he has condensed the most effective into five simple, proven rules. Mr. Whiting promises that salespeople who learn these rules and apply them will increase their sales volume. And here are the five great rules, clearly explained and profusely illustrated by a wealth of everyday examples. The book not only tells you what to do to make a sale – it shows you also how to do it.

Percy H. Whiting guides you every step of the way. He gives detailed methods for planning your sales talk and testing it. He shows you how to get in to see your prospects, how to get their attention and hold their interest, how to make them want your product, how to convince them of its value and how to close the sale.

This revised and enlarged edition contains hundreds of new selling ideas and techniques, such as: (1) How to tie a buyers benefit to every fact about yoru product, (2) The miracle of understatement – and how to put it to work to make sales for your, and (3) The two-step closing technique – a vast improvement over old methods. Put this book to work for you now.

Let it show you how to build up your enthusiasm in yourself, how to add showmanship to your selling, how to use examples in every step of your sales presentation, how to know when your prospect is ready to buy, how to answer objections – and a host of other down-to-earth sales assets that can benefit you long before you finish reading this book!


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