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Perry Marshall – 80/20 Fractal Law of Nature (HBR Italian Translation)

Perry Marshall – 8020 Fractal Law of Nature HBR Italian Translation.pdf
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Perry Marshall – 80/20 Fractal Law of Nature (Harvard Business Review) Italian Translation

From Perry Marshall:


I wrote an 80/20 article for Harvard Business Review Italy. Harvard Business Review was also the first journal to publish my Fractal 80/20 math equation!

There’s an old version of 80/20 math called the “Pareto Distribution” – but if you don’t understand calculus it’s almost impossible to use. The 80/20 Curve is waaaay easier.

(And yes, geeks who dig calculus can swipe the math from HBR.)

I will be organising a GB for the recordings of Perry Marshall’s upcoming mastermind in May 21- 23 – the Truth Seminar ($2250).

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