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Perry Marshall with Richard Koch – 80/20 Liberation Webinar Part 1 of 3

Perry Marshall and Richard Koch – Liberation Webinar Part 1
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Richard Koch, ex BCG and Bain & Company management consultant, now venture capitalist worth north of £238 million pounds – has never done a webinar…. until now.

Great insights here from a man who works only one hour a day, but manages an investment portfolio that returns 30% on equity year on year.

The big insights I got from this webinar (there were no slides or video – audio only):

– If you have zero capital, then you must experiment with a few start-up businesses to find a star business that will catapult you off the hamster wheel of selling time for money.
– The best practitioner in any industry, be it marketing, sales, management consulting will NOT end up being the wealthiest person within that industry.
– The three methods Koch uses to get ‘million-dollar’ breakthrough ideas
– A strong interest in your business, combined with ‘detachment’, i.e. time away from your business is the key to making real breakthroughs and increasing your wealth
– How to get off the hamster wheel, (aka break out of your golden squirrel cage) by having a more compelling reason to live – and why this harder than it sounds.

Plus many more golden nuggets.

It’s not often you get to learn from a fractional billionaire in a fireside chat setting like this.

Worth listening to multiple times in my opinion.

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