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Peter Thiel – How To Start A Startup

Peter Thiel – How To Start A Startup
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Peter Thiel – How To Start A Startup

Venture Capitalist Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Thinker, etc. Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman of PayPal and LinkedIn explaining how to get started and how to scale effectively.

Peter had been talking to Reid about social networks, and was given the opportunity in 2005 to invest in Facebook at a 5million valuation~ He knew that it was a good investment, having thought it through already. An earlier example is how they used $20 incentives to grow Paypal virally, or knowing ~1999 that a tech bubble was growing, and they needed funding quickly – How can we come up with unique and useful ideas like these? And then how do we act effectively & efficiently on these insights? This video answers a few of these kinds of questions.

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