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PJ The Email Guy – Cold Email Mastery Course Cold to Gold – VIDEO + AUDIO + SLIDES

Cold Email Mastery Course – From Cold to Gold
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The ORIGINAL deliverable is just a SINGLE PPTX file, which was with embedded audio. On top of that it is not playing across the slides because there are no animations to move them.
If it were some $47, or even $97 product, I’d be OK with that, but since its selling price is $597.00, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I took a lot of my personal time and turned this thing into a full-featured VIDEO with slides moving as the guy speaks, showing what he’s talking about.
Also, I’ve separated the SLIDES and the AUDIO so anyone can download just that.

As to the content, the whole course is 57 minutes long. I’m not going to discuss the actual content here, as it’s not open to all. I’d say it has some interesting touches, but other than that it’s not that valuable, and CERTAINLY doesn’t justify the price of $597 IMO…

The original product is open to all except users, so this one is coming with the same


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