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PJ The Email Guy – Cold Email Mastery Course Cold to Gold

Cold Email Mastery Course – From Cold to Gold
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lbagley wrote:…

I came across this guy and used some of his methods he taught for free. The company I work for was sending thousands of emails and getting under 1% response rates. Now, we get 8-12% appointment rates. The biggest problem is qualifying. Around 7-9% of the folks we email want to meet or at least talk. A big step up from traditional emails we were doing before.

That’s just from the free info he offers. From what I see, this is different than the other info products on BizLearning.

What the course offers, that I think will be worth the investment:
-A unique method of getting email addresses.
-Multiple very short email approaches.

This guy doesn’t know how to sell himself- yet. He’s a college student selling email lists and providing done for you email services to businesses. But don’t let that throw you, I think he’s offering much more value than a lot of fake guru types.

Price: $597…


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