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LuckyLuke introduction:

Hi everyone!  =)

My name is Luke Haward and I’m a mid-high stakes MTT grinder.

I’m so glad to be a part of this great site and look forward to working with you.

About me:

I have coached and produced training content for a number of top sites, including of course PokerStrategy!

I am also a writer and tutor by trade, and I live with my family in Oxford, UK. I’m very into philosophy, gaming (of course!), ecology and the natural world, as well as meditation.

You can find all my coaching videos as they hit the site here:

LuckyLukePS Videos

I have my own coaching site which gives a little more detail on the kind of coaching services I offer (and a list of sites I’ve worked for) – please feel free to take a look at:

Bink Big

Why study with me?

For one thing, I’m very friendly and always take time for a bit of a chat (off the clock!) with students before getting down to business. I think that’s very Life +EV for us both  

I’m certain that wherever your game is at now, I can help you rapidly leak-bust and increase your ROI, as well as aiding your ability to self-study and manage your relationship to the game more optimally.

My background is in teaching, and I’ve taught academic classes here in Oxford in Critical Thinking, Communication Studies and Philosophy, which has helped my poker coaching abilities immensely.


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