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Udemy – Scrivener Simplified- How To Create Your eBook In 60 Minutes
[Udemy] Scrivener Simplified: How To Create Your eBook In 60 Minutes [WebRip (24 MP4s, 5 HTMLs, 1 PDF)]

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If you’re looking to create your next (or first) eBook quickly and easily then you need Scrivener Simplified to show you how to compile and publish your ebook in a variety of formats including Kindle, ePub and more.

*TIP* Success with Scrivener is a matter of knowing what to ignore!

Your Training Includes:

Videos of me creating an actual ebook before your eyes (No theory here!)
Sample content (20 articles) used in the demonstrations
A sample kindle cover for reference
The finished ebook(s) for your review in epub, mobi and pdf formats
The actual scrivener file (.scriv) I use in the course so you can simply start
Other bonuses including my never before shared “best seller” mindmap
When you ENROL IN THIS COURSE I show you how to ignore most of the overwhelming features so you can focus your time and create your eBooks quickly and easily … in fact, you’ll be able to create your next (or first) eBook in about an hour once you’ve studied this course… and before you think “Bogus!” let me explain how and why it’s true.

Ignoring Most of the Features

Because most of what Scrivener offers is advanced manuscript mojo (that’s the technical stuff that’s cool for manuscripts … but not key or critical to the job of creating your eBook.)

Like most software today, we only really need about 10% of it to achieve our objectives which is why, when I bought Scrivener in the summer of 2014, I was able to very quickly create eBook after eBook. I created and published 4 Kindle eBooks in very quick succession on Amazon and 3 of them went BEST SELLER too! (A nice bonus for sure.)


Udemy – Scrivener Simplified: How To Create Your eBook In 60 Minutes/
├── 01 Foundations
│   ├── 001 The reason why many people find Scrivener overwhelming.mp4
│   ├── 001 Where to get your copy of Scrivener.html
│   └── 002 Navigating the interface.mp4
├── 02 How Scrivener Handles Content
│   ├── 001 Files or folders – whats the big deal.mp4
│   ├── 002 Importing content.mp4
│   └── 003 Splitting long content.mp4
├── 03 Creating aka COMPILING your eBook
│   ├── 001 What is compiling.mp4
│   ├── 002 Compiling Content settings.mp4
│   ├── 003 Compiling Separators.mp4
│   ├── 004 Adding a cover image.mp4
│   ├── 005 Compiling Formatting.mp4
│   ├── 006 Compiling Title adjustments.mp4
│   ├── 007 Compiling Layout Also where you setup your Table of Contents.mp4
│   ├── 008 Compiling Transformations.mp4
│   ├── 009 Compiling HTML settings.mp4
│   ├── 010 Compiling Replacements.mp4
│   ├── 011 Compiling Stats  Tables.mp4
│   ├── 012 Compiling Footnotes  metadata.mp4
│   ├── 013 Compiling Actually doing it ….mp4
│   ├── 014 Settings for a PDF version of your eBook.mp4
│   ├── 015 Settings for a Kindle eBook.mp4
│   ├── 016 embedding images … the things you need to know..mp4
│   └── 017 Front Matter – What is it and how to create it quickly.mp4
└── 04 BONUS Training  Resources
   ├── 001 How to Write a Book in 14 Days.pdf
   ├── 001 More complex eBook design considerations.mp4
   ├── 001 Official Scrivener training links no point re-inventing the wheel.html
   ├── 002 How to publish a best-selling Amazon Kindle eBook.mp4
   ├── 002 The files used and created during this training course..html
   ├── 003 Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet.html
   └── 004 BONUS Shameless Self Promotional Information.html

Udemy Coursepage: Not listed anymore. Possible follow up:
Duration: 3 hours
Video Quality: 1280×720 | 57 kbps | 44 KHz


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