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[Romanian] Marian Rujoiu – Biblia Negociatorului [eBook (PDF)]

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Changing minds and hearts that conquers by magic words!

Want to know why you need to master the art of negotiation, of the words? Because it helps you change your minds, to conquer the hearts and get everything you want in life.
The word negotiation you may sound harsh. Think about who is likely to remove more than the who, that convinces, that defeat, etc. In the true sense, negotiation is a subtle art, and very strong. If you default, you think about negotiation and persuasion techniques. Others call it the art of negotiation. It is not wrong as long as it is used with beneficial intentions, i.e. for the purpose of making a person to act for the good of his own.

If you learn to master them, negotiating skills you open all the doors in your life. Whether:

-write an article on the blog, sales letter or partnership,
-want to conclude a deal with a business partner,
-talking with your spouse and he/she want to support you in a personal project,
-chat with the boss to get a salary increase for a promotion or vacation days,

you need to know and use the secrets of the art of negotiating because you want to get the exact result that always you want.

Negotiating power comes from within. There in no need to call in the arsenal of persuasion/negotiation. If you don’t negotiate, you can be sure that there is no price on what you have to offer or what you want to achieve. Perhaps you agree that when you pay more to have something that you want, and appreciate it more. How much you pay less, much less is the value that i obsessed. And when we talk about paying the money, time and effort invested/made compromise. For example, if you have negotiated for three hours and you obtained a product/service that you wanted it so much, you leave satisfied. If after just 1 minute negotiation you got what I wanted, thinking it was too easy, or that something is rotten in the middle. So is it?

So, no matter what, no matter what position negotiate negotiate and whatever situation you find yourself negotiating secret tactics and persuasion were arming you with tremendous power to get the results you want.

What practical benefits do you get if you learn to negotiate (language arts):

-more money
-business more profitable,
-advantageous contracts,
-increase of salary
-high social position;
-personal success in whatever you want to do,
-happiness, satisfaction, trust and a life easier!

Hori, an expert in Mac haggling and accredited trainer, he finally chose to reveal the secrets and techniques of persuasion in his book the BIBLE NEGOTIATOR! Moreover, he teaches you step by step with tactics that always manages to capture the hearts and minds of people. So how do you initiate the secrets of Marian Rahm negotiations successful, everything is simple and easy to understand.

The magic starts in practice, and the Bible is exactly what NEGOTIATOR you need to become a magician of persuasion.

Rujoiu learn to use it in business, professional relationships, and personal ones for maximum results!


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