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Project Black Mask – Chris McNeeney


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Not Yet Launched – Brand New – Launches June 19th, 2007

Beware of self-proclaimed “gurus” feeding you Bogus info that was out-of-date before they even wrote it…

Insider Risks It All… To Reveal Tactics
So Nasty… So Forbidden… So Downright Evil… You’ll Suck a Billion Dollar Well Dry And
Make Google Your B*tch!

Say goodbye to those $10 AdSense checks…
Say goodbye to the days of dropping $1000’s on PPC…
Because you’re just minutes from the secret weapon
that will turn expose thousands of wealth-builders to…
Google’s Dirty Little Secret…

…paying forAdwords traffic that sucks every last penny of profits from your pocket…

…wasting your money on worthless e-books that claim to teach you up-to-date money-making techniques…

…blindly following the so-called “experts” who scream “AdSense is dead…”

…wasting your time on tactics that already stopped working LAST YEAR…

…letting “Google Slap” you around like a  little girl…
Finally Exposed:

“The Insider” Secrets To Conquering The Billion Dollar World Of “free black mask clicks”… And A Fool-Proof System You Can Copy To Rake In The Cash!

Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned AdSense pro or a ClickBank affiliate, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen. Because I am about to expose a dirty little secret – one that will allow you to get in on the “Google conspriacy of 2007” and copy a step-by-step blueprint that they are fighting to hide as we go to press…

This conspiracy explains why some “complete beginners” make more in Adsense checks than so-called veterans. It explains why affiliate marketers may never have to pay for PPC again. And the beautiful thing is that Google are “in” on the secret and make millions from it – they have done for years.

If you’ve tried to make “easy” money and failed… if you’ve lost your shirt with Adwords trying to get the targeted traffic you need… Or ever invested even one thin dime into a single AdSense, Pay-Per-Click or SEO tactic…

… then you must read each and every word of this page, because…

“You’ve Been Lied-To…
Jerked-Around…And Ripped-Off…
For The Very Last Time…”

Finally… someone has uncovered the real-deal insider-secrets that once again… in 2007… turn a billion dollar industry into your personal ATM.

A cash machine you can access anytime you want.

And these aren’t the same old “tricks” you’ve heard about.  This is brand-new, white-knuckle, bend Google over a chair and have your way with her… stuff.

And the best part is… “The Goog” won’t even know what hit em! In fact, some say she’s in on the conspiracy. All I can tell you is that the loophole is there, and it’s already generating millions for home-based entrepreneurs who have the guts to take advantage…

At this point I might normally ask you to sit back, relax and take in every detail I’m about to reveal.  But you won’t be able to sit back.  You’re gonna be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. I guarantee. But before I continue, I should tell you that….
“Project Black Mask has nothing to do with…”

Affiliate marketing – you will learn how a silent few make a killing promoting the same affiliate products as anyone else – but the Black Mask method has nothing to do with affiliate marketing as you know it. Specifically, it has nothing to do with article marketing, pre-selling, review pages, direct linking, Google Cashing or any method you have been exposed to before.

BUT you will learn how to make far more in affiliate commissions than you ever did before. You won’t have to write a single word of content, or do anything for yourself again. And you won’t ever pay for a click again.

Google AdSense – the secret is practically the complete opposite of the watered down, overused AdSense techniques tought by 99% of the mainstream. So forget about link building, content creation and the pathetic AdSense checks that ensue from such “goody-goody” practices. The secret shortcuts this world of low returns and hard work, and the results will shock you.

You’re about to discover how a select few are automatically generating tens of thousands of keywords, and thousands of “below the radar” websites to siphon off thousands of free clicks through to high-paying Adsense ads. Expect click-through-rates as high as 70% if you decide to combine AdSense with the “secret”.

But be aware: the secret has nothing to do with anything your favourite AdSense guru taught you – which is why the completely automated, unstoppable flood of instant high-yield traffic is going to stop you dead in your tracks.
“..But Project Black Mask has everything to do with…”

…gaming the search engines for thousands of targeted, FREE clicks in a completely automated way. Black Mask is about INSTANT free traffic – it’s about milking a tiny loophole in the Google algorithm that was open in 2006… is still open in 2007… but it might not be in 2008.

It just so happens that this “dark secret” will allow AdSense and affiliates to cash in. In fact, you could use the loophole to profit however you like – it’s all explained in copy and paste detail, so even the greenest of newbies can ride the wave. That is, until the loophole gets plugged…

From An Undisclosed
Underground Location:
{DATE script}:

Dear Black-Hatters,
And Wannabees,

Are you ticked off?

Boiling mad as you watch your AdSense checks turn from hundreds… to dollars… to pennies?

P*ssed off about paying far too much for Adwords clicks that in the end don’t make you a single dollar in affiliate commissions?

Outraged about wasting your dwindling cash on the next big promise that always turns out to be little more than the same crap you’re losing money on right now?

I get it, because I was once where you are right now.  

Not too long ago, I tried every traditional trick and technique to make money with AdSense. I attempted to take my affiliate business away from Adwords to get the same clicks I pay Google for, but this time for free… and guess what? In my quest to game the search engines for free clicks I netted checks totaling $4.00… $7.25… and once, a whopping $13.75!

Enough was enough.  

I said… “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

That led me on a 4 month journey to “The Darkside.”  My mission:  To rally against traditional wisdom and use the dark side to “trick” the search engines into sending me thousands of FREE clicks – and to convert those clicks into massive Adsense checks and affiliate commissions, in a completely automated way. To generate a completely hands-off six figure income-stream in and industry I knew nothing about…

Why was I trying to crack this “darkside” code?  I can’t tell you that Adwords was ruining me. Far from it. I was already a pretty successful marketer. One you’ve surely heard of.  

I was already making seven figures online.

I’ll get more into that later. But for now all you need to know is that I was searching for “the key” because it was expected of me.

Have you ever wondered why some people make a fortune with AdSense and others make almost nothing? I did.  

Have you ever thought about the silent undercurrent of affiliates who shun Adwords, and never pay a single cent for traffic… because they get the exact same click, off the exact same keywords for FREE? I did.

And so did many of my customers.

You see… I was already known for “cracking the code” with Clickbank and frankly… my customers were asking… “When are you going to show us how to get FREE clicks and expose AdSense?”

So, that’s what I set out to do.  And I must let you in on a little secret.  I failed miserably.

It’s true…

I tried all the tactics the gurus were selling and quickly realized the way I was being taught to do things wouldn’t work long enough to make any serious money. I was one day away from announcing I was giving up trying to find “Google’s Dirty Little Secret…”  

“Then on cold, winter night… a fateful meeting changed all that… and changed the direction of my business forever…”

That night I discovered a secret weapon.  The night I met a man named Alex, but who I will call… “The Insider.”

Now “The Insider” isn’t some jacked up, full of himself “guru.”  He’s not any marketer you’ve heard of before.  He’s not famous in any way.

But he’s still the most devastating weapon you could ever possess, when it comes to creating, high-yield completely automated income streams without any capital investment, to a point where the so-called “gurus” will either bow out, or start wetting their pants.

He’s the man who spilled his guts about suctioning big AdSense earnings and affiliate commissions from free traffic – not pay-per-click ads. An American who made a full-time living from Europe, Russia and God-knows-where-else because a single loophole in the system that he discovered.  

A man who revealed secrets the “gurus” were either keeping from you, or were too clueless to even know about.  

And he was coming from a whole new perspective… from the inside out.

That meeting fueled my obsession with “darkside SEO” – the gateway to an influx of free clicks within days – and with sucking cash from Google like a carwash vac…

Here… take just a little peek at what I’m talking about…


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