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Randy Gage – The Prosperity Series

Randy Gage – The Prosperity Series [eBook (PDF)]
[eBook (PDF)]

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Manifest Health, Happiness and Wealth in Your Life…

You are meant to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Once you recognize and accept this, it is simply a case of learning the principles that abundance is based on. In this insightful series, you will move from lack consciousness to living in the light of true abundance.

Randy Gage reveals . . .

What creates prosperity consciousness;
The universal laws that govern prosperity;
Why you should embrace critical thinking;
The secret to creating a vacuum for good; and,
What it takes to manifest prosperity on the physical plane; and,
Why you are supposed to be wealthy.

You will receive:
101 Keys to Your Prosperity
Accept Your Abundance! Why You are Supposed to be Wealthy
37 Secrets About Prosperity
Prosperity Mind! How to Harness the Power of Thought
The 7 Spriritual Laws of Prosperity

Get all 5 prosperity books and start living a life of abundance!


“Randy, it has been a joy reading the Prosperity series books. Your simple conversational style has conveyed profound truth, making it easy to understand, absorb and implement. Thanks for writing these. Am sure these would continue to enrich your life and the lives of all others you come in contact with . . .”
–Kamal Bhatia

“Randy, your prosperity books and all of your work are absolute brilliance.”
–Gerard Eichelsheim

“I’m really impressed with the prosperity books by Randy Gage. I just read Accept Your Abundance and was shaken (in a good way) to see how ruthlessly honest he is about our lack programming. If you want to break free from poverty and head into abundance, read him.”
–Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale

265 pages in PDF format.

This is my first upload. Hope you’ll like it!:-)


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