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Readysetcrypto – How to make your first million with cryptocurrency – Ten steps to conquering crypto trading

HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST MILLION WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY – Ten Steps To Conquering Crypto Trading – ReadySetCrypto.pdf
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Charlie Severson
Doc Severson

Doc: It started for me on a Virgin train from Manchester to Edinburgh in August 2017. I was on vacation with my wife and my oldest son, Charlie. I have been trading
the equity and options markets for the past twenty years, and quit my six-figure product manager job in 2005 to trade the markets full time. During the last decade, we’ve had some wild markets, and I thought I’d seen everything… that was until I saw what Charlie
was doing.

During our trip, Charlie was on his smartphone non-stop, so I asked to see what he was
working on… what he showed me blew my mind…

Charlie had been trading cryptocurrencies for the past several months, and while curious, I had dismissed them like many other traders that had my background. But what I saw changed the game for me forever… and for you as well, I hope.

During the course of our 17-day trip, Charlie had managed to grow his account from $5,000 to a high water mark of $66,489! Day after day, I would check on his account balance, and it continued to rise. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I started
picking his brain on what he was doing, for the rest of the trip. I had to know what these “cryptocurrencies” were, what they represented, and how to trade them.

Charlie: I had been watching Bitcoin with some interest for a long time. The decentralized currency aspect immediately garnered my attention, but initially, buying Bitcoin was an arduous affair, and I didn’t have How to Make Your First Million With CryptoCurrency 8
the money to invest in mining equipment. Over the years, I watched Bitcoin from a distance, checking in every now and then to see what new developments had occurred. Having a background in Computer Science, I was interested in a currency made from code
under the jurisdiction of no government or bank, but it wasn’t until I learned about a newer CryptoCurrency called Ethereum that I immediately took action and dove headfirst into investing and learning more about this exciting new space.

I remember thinking, “I have to get into this right now!” which is hopefully how you’re feeling. Sure, I had a few hundred dollars that I could invest, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. There had to be more that I could do… then it occurred to me. For a time, I had been putting aside money and saved up my “vacation fund” that I was going to use to travel the world. It was one of those “fork in the road” moments that I knew going into it would forever change the direction of my life. I had to accept that whatever I invested, I was prepared to lose. But I was ready to take a leap, to risk something I had worked really hard for to seize an opportunity. It
wasn’t just my financial situation that changed; I gained a whole new investing perspective and excitement for a technology that I believe will absolutely change the world!

So Where Are You?
Undoubtedly, you’ve arrived here because you’re either tired of hearing about Bitcoin in the news and not knowing anything about it, or perhaps you’ve put your toes in the water already and found it somewhat unsettling. Or maybe you’ve done your research and
are just looking for the RIGHT way to begin.

The fact that you are reading this book puts you well into the top 1% of all investors worldwide. We all know the story about the rest, who are:
• Holding mutual funds “for the long haul” and trusting in Vanguard® and Fidelity®.
• Convinced they don’t have the money to invest.
• Think that cryptocurrencies are a “new-fangled scam.”

The rest of this eBook is about what we can bring to your situation, whether it’s the timeless trading principles honed by twenty years of hard lessons, or the last year of being on the bleeding edge of CryptoCurrency technologies. Today, life moves at “Internet speed,” and as you’ll soon see, sometimes “old and established” is the exact opposite of what you need today to be successful.

To quote the legendary CryptoCurrency trader Khan
Singh: Now, shall we begin?


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