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Richard Hodgson – The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time

Greatest Directmail Salesletters
[8 eBooks (PDF)]

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This is by Richard Hodgson – The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time. I could not find it here & was requested in a forum thread, so am uploading it.

Pl note that – the book is divided in 4 parts. Also it is protected by a password. I do not know how to remove the password, so as it is I am u/loading it.

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Here is the sales letter. It is written by Harlan Kilstein.

93 Proven Ways to Create Sales Letters and Web Sites That Reach Out and Suck Money out of Peoples’ Wallets Like a Vacuum Cleaner.

How many of them could you use right now?

Incredible secret reveals exactly why some businesses are winners and others never make a nickel. Here’s how you can tap into that goldmine with no effort at all.

“One of the ‘swipe file’ resources kept handy on my top shelf, which I use often – and can’t imagine a copywriter NOT having the “Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time.”

– Dan S. Kennedy
Author, “Ultimate Sales Letter”

“The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of all Time sits right at my fingertips. Anytime I need a good model or I’m stuck for a copy idea. Out comes this resource! Each one of the pieces inside is a winner! And I’d be a fool not to study, learn from and model these proven examples.”

-Yanik Silver
Creator, Instant Sales Letter

“The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters is a book that truly lives up to its name. Every good copywriter and entrepreneur knows the importance of having a good “swipe file,” not to copy from but to be inspired by. It’s where we all get a “boost” from those who came before us. It’s where we get to stand on the shoulders of the greats. And this book has preserved the greatest sales letters of all time.

“How important is this book to copywriting? I have 18 bookcases filled with books, mostly business related, some stacked two deep. Of all of them, there is one special bookcase – the closest to my workdesk – that is my “most important.” And the top shelf of this bookcase contains the most important of the most important. The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time is on that top shelf.

“As soon as I found out there was a downloadable version of it, I immediately got it. I suggest you do the same. It’s helped me to write successful sales letters that have sold millions of dollars worth of products for me and my clients. If you want to increase your chances of writing money-generating letters, GET THIS BOOK. You’ll have an unfair advantage over everyone else who doesn’t.”

– Carl Galletti

Date: Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Dear Friend:

Have you ever questioned, as I have, what makes a business either a success or a failure? Hint – it isn’t what you think.

It’s not your location. It’s not your price. It’s not your customer service.

If you have the right direct response letter and the right offer, you can sell sand in the desert.

But if your letter is weak, you couldn’t even give dollar bills away for free. People would suspect a trick.

The difference lies in how your words grab the hearts, minds, and wallets of the reader. And compel them to read, believe and buy. Again and again.

Every element of your letter has to work. Copy, offer, and guarantee. Miss just one of those crucial elements, and kiss your sales letter good-bye.

The same exact principles work online or off-line. Except that online, research shows that the average Internet surfer spends 30 seconds on a site before moving on unless it grabs their attention and holds them hostage through the entire sales and order process.

How to ensure that every sales letter out-pulls, out-sells
and humilates the competition.

Remember the Flintstones cartoon? It was a direct copy of the old Honeymooner’s television show. It generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Hanna-Barbera. In fact, it’s still making money today.

It was based on a proven model. No need for creativity. Just apply the model.

Hanna-Barbera did it again when they cloned the Jetsons. Worked like a charm again.

Don’t invent the wheel. Just clone it for your business.

Even if you’ve read the books on writing good ads and sales letters and spent months studying all the strategies and formulas, actually sitting down and creating your own sales letter or web site can turn out to be a miserable frustrating experience.

You no longer need to waste your valuable time staring at a blank sheet of paper. There is a better way.

You no longer need to do expensive tests to find out that your best effort was a failure. There’s a fool-proof method that has been used by the savviest people in marketing.

Just clone the best selling sales letters that have mailed successfully and have been proven to work. That’s what the best professional copywriters do.

All you need is what the pros have. They call it a swipefile. Literally, they swipe the best sales letters and web sites and clone them. But if you haven’t kept a swipe file, what can you do to short cut your way to success?

Here is your Instant Sales Success Kit:
The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time.

This book is on the shelf of every single great copy writer.

This is where the pros go to get ideas and inspiration. Now, because of an exclusive arrangement with the publisher, you can download it in minutes.

Because you are getting the letters in digital format, you can search, copy, and paste to produce your own winning sales letters.

This is the one case where owning the digital is better than a hardcover. (And you’re only paying a fraction of the price – if you can find a copy.)

Imagine your sales when the top copy writers in history share their thoughts and ideas with you. And they effortlessly display how to write the most effective sales copy for your business.

Writing killer copy doesn’t get any easier than this.

This is an unbelievable collection of the 93 greatest sales letters of all time. Each one a proven winner and each one can generate the same success that has in the past.

The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time book is your answer. Each letter has been mailed and proven a success by the top direct marketing companies in the world including:

The Wall Street Journal

Reader’s Digest

Prevention Magazine

American Express




Time Life Books

These companies have used these letters over a period of decades to generate billions and billions in sales. They could afford to hire the best talent in the industry to insure their success. Here’s just one example.

One Letter Generated Over One Billion Dollars for the Wall Street Journal

Possibly the most famous sales letter of all time was written by Martin Conroy for the Wall Street Journal. Author Denny Hatch calculated that this letter generated $1 billion in revenues for the Wall Street Journal. In fact, the Journal mails this letter to this very day for one reason – it sells.

The Wall Street Journal letter has been adopted over the years to sell a widely diverse group of products. It has sold weight loss programs, investment courses, and even copy writing courses.

The reason people use the Wall Street Journal letter is because it works. If it didn’t sell, the Wall Street Journal would not keep mailing it. If you know the right steps, you could simply adapt this letter and watch the sales pour in.

In fact, if you provide your name and email address, I’ll send you the original Martin Conroy Wall Street Journal letter for free. Plus, at the same time you’ll continue to receive updates, resources and tips on direct marketing. Don’t worry you can unsubscribe at any time.

Are you satisfied with your business performance?

You don’t need to do any fancy calculations to answer this question. Just look at the bottom line. Are you making serious money? If the answer is yes, imagine how much more money you can make when the reatest direct sales writers in history go to work for you. But if your business is doing well yet, I’m going to tell you why�

Powerful Persuasive Letters That Sell

Rapidly attract new customers to your business…
Watch your bank account surge with massive levels of cash..
Humiliate competitive businesses…
And take your business — from start-up to startling success in a matter of weeks or month.

And the slightest mistake in phrasing means that even if people come to your site. They won’t buy. It means, they don’t believe you or your offer.

Could You Use Expert Advice to Help Your
Marketing Campaign – For Free?

Have you ever priced a top copywriter for your site? Typically, they take about $15,000 for your letter or website up front and than a 5% royalty on every dollar you generate as a result of their letter.

When you hire a top writer, be prepared to pay and pay way into the future.

Or perhaps, you could find a discount copy writer. Maybe one that’s just starting out and pay less. But when you pay peanuts, you sometimes get elephants and monkeys.

Or, make a super huge mistake and try to write it by yourself. Ouch! (Ever try to cut your own hair? It may look okay up front but you can’t cut what you can’t see!)

Who else wants the top direct sales writers in the world
as your personal advisors?

Look, by now you realize that your copy is what is going to grab your reader, turn him upside down, and shake his credit card out of his pocket. And I’m about to deliver the best copywriters in the world right to your computer.

By cloning their work, you are going to create the perfect sales letter for your business that is going to make the cash register ring time and again. And you are going to harness their expertise to create success after success for you. So that your business grows exponentially.

“The best education you can get when it comes to learning how to write sales letters is to study the winners—the ones proven to work—the ones that brought home the bacon. This is the grandest and greatest collection of “controls”—the letters other letters have to beat to be worth anything—ever compiled. Get it. Read it. Study it. You can make millions with this prized collection.”

– Joe Vitale,
#1 Best-Selling Author – “Spiritual Marketing”

“As far as I can tell, there are only two ways to write great copy (by great copy I mean copy that compells the reader to action…which usually means giving us money). There is the hard way which entails writing a letter from scratch. This has so many pitfalls it boggles my mind people still do it this way. At best, you have an unproven idea that eats up your time testing your creative skills. It may pay off, but it is rarely worth the effort considering the other option.

“There is also the smart way. This is where you have a collection of the best copy (read proven winners) to use as a model. Such a collection would be a goldmine for you to tap anytime you needed an idea, a format, a hook, an opening, a closing or an inspiration to get you started. “The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time” puts the best of the best, all in one place, within arm’s reach. Anyone not having such a collection is simply not serious about their business!”

– Robert Olic
Marketing Strategist and Copywriter
Austin, TX

Introducing�Your Dream Team of Skilled Writers

Ed McLean who wrote the famous Newsweek “If the list I found your name letter” which is the most copied lead paragraph of a letter in history. Warning! If you only copy the lead paragraph and miss Ed’s secret, your sales letter will sink like a lead balloon.
Walter Weintz whose famous Penny Letter for Reader’s Digest was one of the most successful mailings in history and generated thousands of paying subscribers. The Kingston Boys’ Club build a club house just with the returns of the Penny Letter. You’ll be shocked when you discover how many ways you can apply this letter. Combine this with a dollar bill and watch you results pull.
John Yeck, a member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, whose Church organ letter is the greatest fundraising letter of all time. It’s sheer simplicity brought forth stunning results.
William Trembath’s letter for American Express that mailed for more than 8 years and led to over a billion dollars in charges for AMEX. Here’s how to bring that kind success to your business.
Frank Schultz who put Ruby Red Grapefruit on the map with his successful campaign. You’ll salivate when you read this letter that put it in the copy hall of fame. You can use this letter with “juicy” results to introduce any new product to a market.
Rodale Presses “Grandmother Letter” sent for Prevention Magazine. It’s a masterpiece begging to be replicated.
An incredible follow-up letter published by Champion Printing for people who did not respond to an initial letter. You’ll add this to your internet auto responder campaign immediately.
The famous “Just Suppose” letter that turns tire-kickers into buyers. Jim Kobs masterful letter still pulls and pulls.
Clark O’Neill’s letter designed to get the attention of busy physicians AND get them to respond. It was a near impossible task but this letter did it. Are you trying to get the attention of someone on the who is busy. This letter spells it out.
The amazing “S. Mouse” letters that were not only humorous but were effective for years. These legendary letters grabbed the reader and pulled them into the story. Can you imagine clients looking forward to getting a sales letter?
And eighty-three more letters written for the top businesses in the world.
And this is how you will profit�
The secret that makes your business sell and how the change of even one letter can mean success or failure. You won’t believe the results that can cause your sales to surge.
How to apply what has been proven to rake in the cash over and over again. No need for experimentation or expensive testing. Simply follow the advice these experts give and you’re on the way to higher sales.
Simple and instant sales letters that almost always give you a huge boost where it counts – in the bank account. These letters have been tested and used effectively for years and now they can work for you.
How the lessons proven time and again by these letters can affect your business. You’ll learn why the decision to buy is often made in a split second and how you can keep people involved in your message until they buy.
Why the number of visitors to your web site is meaningless. The only thing that matters is sales. Here’s how to harness the internet to deliver double digit sales off your site.
How to maximize your site for sales. Forget what the experts say. This secret is so effective and so profitable; your sales will go on auto-pilot.
How to skyrocket your closing ratio of people who read your marketing piece.

All yours for you to easily adapt and apply to your business!

When you get these sales letters, you’re going to want to start using them right away. Is that legal? Can you use them in your business?

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “To take someone else’s idea and claim it for your own is stealing. But to take ideas from two or more sources and combine them – that’s creativity.”

Effortlessly, use these letters as a model and apply them to your business. It’s 100% legal and mega effective. And then� just sit back and count the sales. It’s as simple as that.

Instead of hiring a top copywriter for $15,000 (plus royalties) who may hit a home run or strike out, now you can bring the very best in a sales letter to your computer in just two minutes.

One of the greatest copy writers of all time, Gary Halbert, wrote “Every copywriter in the world�no matter how great he is at his work� will always write a few ads that don’t generate a profit.”

Today you can hire a copy writer on the Internet for a few hundred dollars. The problem is that they’ve never written a million dollar letter in their life. And they probably never will.

Babe Ruth hit 714 homeruns in his career. He also struck out 1330 times. This package gives you all of the home runs and none of the strikeouts.

Click here to order now

The Easy Way To Clone a Proven
Million Dollar Sales Letter.

Imagine your sales when the top copy writers in history share their thoughts and ideas with you. And they effortlessly display how to write the most effective sales copy for your business.

Writing killer copy doesn’t get any easier than this.

This is an unbelievable collection of the 93 greatest sales letters of all time. Each one a proven winner and each one can generate the same success that has in the past.

The book includes all types of letters:

Consumer Mail Order

Circulation & Book Promotion



Inquiry & Lead-Generation

Retail & Service Letters

Personalized Letters

and several other types of letters that you can plunder for ideas.

With this book, you can have a classic proven sales letter on your web site or as a direct mail letter in minutes. Not the days or weeks that a top copywriter would take. And without the fifteen thousand dollar price tag! Nothing but home run after home run!

It’s just $49.97 delivered digitally to your computer. It’s formatted and ready for you to use in your favorite word processor in seconds.

Are you ready to jump start your success?

The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time is a priceless asset to any business. Ready to start making serious money?

Click here to reserve your copy.

The lazy man’s way to direct marketing riches!

I’m going to make your success idiot proof. I’ll not only going deliver the letters directly to your computer, here’s a real deal sweetener:

Bonus #1: How to Start A Letter. Whether you letter or web site is a success or failure is a decision that is made in seconds. Here’s how to insure that you only have winners. If you just have 30 seconds on the web to capture attention, here are no fail methods proven to work again and again.

Bonus #2: How to Close A Letter. Your offer is the key. Make it compelling and they’ll pay whatever you want. Let them wiggle off the hook and you’ll never see them again. Here’s how you can close sale after sale with compelling offers and iron-clad guarantees.

Bonus #3: 100 Tips for Better Direct Mail Sales Letters. After reading these tips, you’ll never make these mistakes again. Your dream team gives you pointers they had to learn the hard way. Now, you are actually immunized against failure.

And, if you order right now, I will throw in one more incredible bonus

Bonus #4: The most widely mailed letter in history. It was so successful, that an entire floor of a bank was dedicated to just opening and counting the money.

“The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Times is a “must have” resource for anyone serious about writing winning sales copy for their business. This collection of time-tested classics is an incredible bargain. In fact, it is one of those possessions you hold close to your skin and wish that your competition is oblivious to it. I can definitely see this putting serious money into my bank account this year. Thank you for making it available once again.”

– Leigh Beaty

“After reading and putting to use just one of the ideas in your “Greatest Sales Letters” package, I was able to breathe life back into my flagging sales letter.

“Your “Greatest Sales Letters” package is a must have for anyone who is in anyway serious about writing cash pulling website copy, especially if you don’t want to pay expensive copy writers.

“Thank you so much Ken, you changed my whole approach to writing compelling website copy.

– Stewart Alexander
The Netherlands

“Reading and studying these letters gives you the ability to tap into the minds of some of the world’s greatest copywriters. It’s like having a top marketer right by your side whenever you want! Website and business owners who want to learn how to produce sterling quality ad copy will not be disappointed by the Greatest Sales Letters package.”

– Timo Jacob
Owner, FileKit Data Handling Services

“I read the material in “Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time” for inspiration when writing copy for my sites. I came across a piece that I swiped and put into the subject line for my opt-in mini-course.

“After weeks of testing other subject lines/headline with no avail, once I made the change the many opt-ins for my mini-course started to covert into actual buyers literally over night. This is an amazing book full of great examples and content.

“How much is this eBook worth to my business you may ask? I can tell you its well worth over 49 bucks. In addition, the fact that it is in digital format is awesome because you can download it instantly and start using the ads right away and watch your conversion soar.”

– Theodore (Teddy) Watts Jr.
Author, “Bartending Secrets Revealed”


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