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Richard Johnson – Hidden Marketing Assets

Hidden Marketing Assets
[10 DVDs (AVI) + 1 workbook(PDF)]

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These were originally uploaded as individual DVDs. They’ve since been removed. This is the aggregated set of DVDs with the workbook. The AVIs for DVDs 1-3 have been sync’d according to the notes that were with the original uploads ie they should be good.

Details are here:  (HMA Resource # 4)

Basically, the HMA system is very similar to a lot of Jay Abraham’s materials…  It focuses on 4 core steps, then on 3 “major” things that can be used to generate money in any business.  

A bit from the sales letter:  “In fact, the only difference between you and Richard — the only reason he is making a fast and easy fortune as a marketing consultant and you aren’t — is because of a simple (very simple) system he invented after attending a Jay Abraham marketing consulting seminar over 15 years ago.

You see, Richard discovered that while Jay Abraham really is a marketing genius, his system (like most other marketing consultant programs today) was not geared towards “ordinary” people who don’t have a lot of money or natural marketing talents.

Jay Abraham, in the early 1990s had credibility, contacts and millions of dollars.  The training Jay taught consultants was taught from his own millionaire perspective.

But Richard was near broke. So broke he had to borrow money from his Dad to attend Jay’s training. Richard had no credibility and few contacts.

And when Richard went out in the field to test Jay’s teachings, he failed.

Richard did not quit. After years of experimenting and organizing the marketing concepts into a workable system, Richard began to experience an almost instant success.

Richard had unlocked the code and discovered his own a unique “system” to make money as a marketing consultant that is so easy to follow and simple to learn…almost anyone can use it to make money quickly, cheaply and even…

While Sleeping Like a Baby

Richard had created a system that will work weather you are a millionaire like Jay Abraham or broke like Richard, struggling to make the rent.

It’s taken Richard 15 years to perfect and tens of thousands of dollars working out the “bugs”, and getting his system so you can approach virtually any kind of business to offer your consulting services.

And since sharing his system to the public, Richard has created successful, high paid marketing consultants in the US, the UK, Australia, Greece and even Holland  (some who were totally new to marketing when they started) who are now making it big doing consulting.”

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