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Robert Fischer – Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders

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Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders is a complete, hands-on resource that shows how to measure price and time signals quickly and with unmatched accuracy using the logarithmic spiral, and how to act on these analyses.

This breakthrough trading guide first takes a fresh look at the classic principles and applications of Elliott Wave, then introduces the Fibonacci summation series, exploring its crucial role in architecture, engineering, nuclear science, and now, in stock and commodity trading.

From here, Fibonacci expert Robert Fischer explains how the series is used to precisely measure equity and commodity price swings and to forecast short and long-term correction targets. You’ll learn how to accurately analyze price targets on market extensions, and how, by using the author’s logarithmic spirals, you can easily develop price and time analyses with unheard of precision.

Learn how to:

– Calculate and predict key turning points in the commodity market
– Analyze business and economic cycles
– Discover entry and exit rules that make disciplined trading possible and profitable


1. The Fibonacci Ratio
2. The Elliott Wave Principle in a Nutshell
3. Working with a 5-Wave Pattern
4. Working with Corrections
5. Working with Extensions
6. Multiple Fibonacci Price Targets
7. Time Analysis
8. Combining Price and Time
9. The Logarithmic Spiral

Appendix A: The Golden Section Compass
Appendix B: Spiral Equation and Computer Program




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