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Robert Ringer – Action!

Robert Ringer – Action! [7 CDs (MP3)]
[7 CDs (MP3)]

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In this, Robert Ringer’s newest and most important work, he distills the remarkable knowledge, wisdom, and experiences he has accumulated over nearly three decades as a best-selling author, keynote speaker, mentor/coach, and entrepreneur supreme. In Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves, he takes readers into his private world and shares with them the way he lives his own life.

Ringer agrees that knowledge is essential when it comes to the pursuit of great achievements, ideas are precious commodities that can change the world, and a reasonable amount of preparation is prudent. However, he also is adamant in his belief that they are all useless without action, because action is the starting point of all progress.

A Dramatic Impact On Your Life
Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves is one of those rare books that has an immediate impact on the reader’s or listener’s life. If you’re ready to move on to bigger and better things, the first and most important step is to start listening to this mind-expanding book on CD as soon as possible. It will open your eyes to possibilities that you may have erroneously assumed were beyond your reach.

“What separates Ringer from the pack is his unique and unconventional insights, as well as the fact that he speaks and writes from firsthand experience.

“Action! is an incredible work, unlike anything I’ve ever read. In fact, I believe it’s one of the few books that can make an immediate and dramatic difference in a person’s life, no matter how high or low he/she is on the success ladder at the present time….

“Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves is the single most important investment you can ever make.”
Bill Glazer, President
Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle

Whether you’re focused on sales, negotiating, deal-making, marketing, or any other facet of business or life, you will find Action! to be a goldmine of ideas, strategies, and insights into human nature that will make a critical difference in all your dealings.

When you finish listening to Action!, you not only will be armed with the tools you need to instantly implement Robert Ringer’s powerful ideas and strategies, but also to make positive changes that will permanently elevate you to a new plateau in all areas of your life.

Every page of this book is filled with gems.
“Robert Ringer has long been my favorite author and Action! just reinforces why…. his books are filled with practical examples of how the real world works….Every page of this book is filled with gems….He also has an uncanny knack for taking complicated issues and describing them in a way that you can understand and benefit from. Even though I have been a successful entrepreneur for many years, I still appreciate the wisdom of Robert Ringer. He has made a positive influence on my life as I’m sure he has for his millions of fans.”
M. Albers
Reno, Nevada

Robert Ringer is by far the best author in the self-help category I have ever read.
“All I can say is buy this book! In fact, buy all of Robert Ringer’s books! Robert Ringer is by far the best author in the self-help category I have ever read. There is no sugar coating in his philosophies….If you are interested in achieving any kind of success, I don’t know how you could do it without his books.”
James Thomson
Branson, Missouri

Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves is Ringer’s best, most comprehensive work to date.
“Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves is Ringer’s best, most comprehensive work to date. The book is filled with common sense wit and wisdom, and further tales of the adventures of Ringer’s alter ego, ‘The Tortoise.’

“You won’t find any fire walking, new age chants or subconscious reprogramming in Ringer’s philosophy for success, but chances are you know those don’t work anyway. If you’re ready to get moving and take charge of your life, Action! is the best book on the market to show you how to reach your goals.”
Michael Acton
Portland, Oregon


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