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Robert Ringer – Looking Out For #1

Robert Ringer – Looking Out For Number 1 [7 CDs (MP3)]
[7 CDs (mp3)]

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Looking Out for #1 is truly a book for the ages, because its powerful yet common-sense approach to life is timeless.

The focus is on the importance of making a conscious, rational effort to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, without forcibly interfering in the rights of others. Thus, the concept of looking out for number one is neither narcissistic nor hedonistic, because focusing on personal happiness does not prevent a person from also being kind, charitable, or civic-minded.

It does, however, imply that you have no moral obligation to submit to playing the role of a sacrificial lamb whose interests, goals, and happiness are forever subordinated to the interests, goals, and happiness of everyone with whom you come in contact.

With these beliefs as a foundation, the author dispenses with myths and intellectual jargon and shares realistic, workable ideas that lead directly to a life that is not only more fulfilling, but also burdened with fewer complications.

On top of the priceless information contained in this awesome set of CDs, Looking Out for #1 includes a treasure trove of vintage Robert Ringer anecdotes and stories that will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Best of all, you can obtain Ringer’s wisdom in the completely updated and rewritten version of the book, which is presently available only on CD through this offer. (It is not yet available in book format.)

A Sneak Preview
While there are no adjectives that can do justice to the contents of this all-new version of Following is a small sampling of some of the topics and issues Robert Ringer covers in this eye-opening “book of life.”
• Two weapons you can use to control a situation where the person you’re dealing with is in a stronger financial position than you.

• The only way you can ever hope to assure that you will be paid what you’re owed when a transaction closes.

• How profit is directly related to the number of uncluttered, creative hours you are able to carve out of your daily schedule.

• How adherence to the Zip-the-Lip Theory can save you time, money, and embarrassment.

• The two questions you must always ask yourself whenever you suspect that someone is trying to intimidate you.

• Why, contrary to what you have repeatedly heard, there is weakness rather than strength in numbers.

• The five human realities you need to understand in order to effectively deal with people in all areas of your life.
The above list comprises but a sneak preview of what these seven fabulous CDs have to offer in the way of adding value to your life. Whatever your present situation, if you’re not free — not able to spend the majority of your time on activities and pursuits that make life worth living (because you lack either the time or money to do so) — there is a path that can lead you to that freedom.

And the totally updated, rewritten version of Looking Out for #1 is the perfect compass to guide you safely down that path. It’s a path that will lead you to discovering, defining, and refining your true potential.

It will surely go down as a contemporary masterpiece.

“I just finished ‘Number One’ yesterday, and it will surely go down as a contemporary masterpiece. When the successors to our civilization are sifting through the ruins 1,000 years from now, they will surely come across a copy of ‘Number One.’ I can imagine their bewilderment about how our civilization got so screwed up when so many of the answers were stated so simply in your fine book.”
William B. Stephenson
West Hartford, Connecticut

Please read Looking Out for #1 as though I had written it specially for you.
“I have a 20-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter by my first marriage. I gave each of them a hardbound copy of #1 and wrote in it: ‘Circumstances have been such that I haven’t been able to give you much counseling or fatherly advice. Happily, though, Robert Ringer wrote this book. Please read it as though I had written it specially for you.’”
Will Barkley
Grass Valley, California

Your jargon is literally bouncing off walls and ceilings.
“Your books are read by our management, and I believe Looking Out for #1 is as holy as the Bible at GWS. Your jargon is literally bouncing off walls and ceilings.”
Heather Souza
San Diego, California


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