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Robert Ringer – Winning Through Intimidation (2004 edition) (eBook )

Robert Ringer – Winning Through Intimidation (2004).pdf

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Unlike all the other success books you have ever read, this book tells it like it is. Ringer points out in this book that whether you and I like it or not, the world of business is not played on a nursery school playground. It is played in a brutal jungle where the name of the game is to finish with the most chips(money) in your lap. You either accept this reality and play the game to win,or get out of the business game altogether.

Ringer also takes on the two cornerstones of most success books–“postitive thinking” and “working hard”. Ringer’s philosophy demolishes these two traditional theories.

If you’re used to positive thinking, new-age, give and give to the other person and hope you’re going to be paid in the end kind of book, then Winning Through Intimidation isn’t for you. However, if you’re tired of losing, download this product and read it ten times.


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