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Robin Lowe, Sue Marriott – Enterprise: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Robin Lowe,  Sue Marriott – Enterprise: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides readers with an accessible and readable introduction to the various dimensions of entrepreneurship and market innovation. It has a clear structure that is easy for the reader to follow and it focuses on enterprising behaviour.

Helpful text features include case studies and ‘pause and reflect’ situations for the entrepreneur to deliberate on the information they have available before making their decision. This helps to emphasise the point that there are few simple and straightforward decisions closely reflecting decisions in ‘real life’. The authors also employ integrative personal development activities that provide a basis for readers to reflect on the learning of the chapters and develop a personal development strategy to increase their ability to become more entrepreneurial and improve their ability to manage market innovation.

After completing the book, readers will understand how to acquire the entrepreneur’s skills, attitudes and knowledge;  the techniques needed to generate new business and create a new organisation.


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