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Roger C Parker – One Page Newsletter

Roger C Parker – One Page Newsletter

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vince wrote:

Ok, here’s the way it’s shapin’ up: With all the material from Alan Weiss, Shelle Rose Charvet, the Complete New Yorker, the 4,000 book summaries (but who’s counting), and soon the Mother Jones collection, we will have hit the mother lode of content for our marketing activities.

What’s more, we have Roger Parker’s Content Catalyst to help us re-purpose and package this content to our liking.

The only thing missing is a vehicle, a delivery mechanism, to channel this content to our prospects and clients.

That’s why I’m suggesting we acquire the One-Page Newsletter, also by Roger Parker.

This marvel of a marketing tool will grow your business cheaply and with little effort. Or, you can provide it as another service to your clients. Who can benefit from the One-Page Newsletter? Anyone who runs a service business. Like:

Accountants and CPAs
Alternative health care
Business coaches
Wellness coaches
Financial advisors
Marketing consultants
Personal trainers
Travel agents
Graphic and web designers

So with the blessing of Awan, I propose that we ratchet up the pledges in order to secure Roger Parker’s One-Page Newsletter as a part of this GB. Current contributors are encouraged to increase their pledges to $20 and the minimum for new contributors should be $20.

Considering that you’re getting a complete newsletter marketing system that integrates with your other online and offline marketing efforts, this amount is a pittance!

Let’s make this happen. And thanks goes to Awan for getting the ball rolling with this GB!

One-Page Newsletter GB link:

One-Page Newsletter sales letter:

P.S. Mounting contributions have already reached the half-way mark for the One-Page Newsletter. Shouldn’t take much to get this done.    :-)


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