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Roger Philip – Straight Line Sales Script for Selling A Seminar

Roger Philip – Straight Line Script to Sell A Seminar.pdf
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Roger Philip – Straight Line Sales script for Selling A Seminar [1eBook (PDF)]

This is the beginning script that I and my team are going to use in the month of July 2014 to sell 40 seats in an investment seminar.

This investment seminar is a tripwire, and the core sale is an actual investment opportunity itself.

The goal of this script is this… I should be able to give it any reasonably good sales person, along with a few names and phone numbers… and they can prospect, and then sell seats to them.

This is based on Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Sales System… which is the absolute best sales system in my experience.

Philosophically, this leans heavily on Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Pre Eminence. If they can benefit from the seminar (which they can, if they are an active investor) then it is my moral obligation to have them attend it. It is definitely going to be in their best interest to not only attend the seminar, but also to invest in the opportunities I will present to them.

Of course, this is just the first version. As we make calls over the week, the script will be tweaked, and made even more powerful.


Sales Experts, & Copywriters, & Other Experienced Folks:

I welcome all your suggestions and comments. If there is a way to make this better, please tell me. I’ll test out as many ideas as I can in the very short period of time I have before the seminar.

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