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Roy Furr – The Most Valuable Customer Strategy

Roy Furr – The Most Valuable Customer Strategy
[16 Videos (TS) + 17 Documents (PDF)]

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GB Name : Copy Hackers – Joanna Wiebe – The 10x Freelance Copywriter

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How to create rapid 3X to 11X growth in almost any business, in almost any industry, by focusing on the 11 steps in the customer journey…

An 11-step process for growing any business 3X to 10X. Uncover hidden opportunities for more leads, customers, sales, and profits.

In the training itself, you’ll learn the incredible exponential power of applying The Most Valuable Customer Strategy in any business.  And how to create massive growth by focusing on each of the 11 steps in a customer’s lifetime relationship with your business.

You’ll learn how you can use the same principle behind the power of compound interest to multiply almost any business’s sales and profits by 3X to 11X.  Simply by making a series of 11% to 25% incremental improvements in the effectiveness of your marketing and selling.

You’ll get a scorecard (plus instructions on how to use it) to identify the biggest opportunities for rapid growth, hiding inside your business right now.

And once you’ve seen these opportunities, the training goes step-by-step through the customer lifecycle, showing you how to unlock these hidden profits and maximize your customer lifetime value.

Which ultimately means more sales for your business, and more profits for you.

Bonus for consultants, coaches, and copywriters…

Most of The Most Valuable Customer Training speaks directly to business owners, about how to grow their business.

However, this is an incredibly powerful tool to help your clients improve their marketing and selling processes, increasing sales and profits.  And from your perspective, it can even be used to generate consulting deals that could quickly turn into a six-figure income stream.

I don’t know of any better way to create a practically unlimited series of projects from growth-oriented clients than I’ve presented here.

I lay out a specific strategy in the 44-minute video “Using the MVC Strategy for Client Businesses” explaining exactly how to accomplish this, using something called The MVC Audit.

Then use the rest of the training to implement.  Your clients will enjoy increased sales and profits.  And you get the glory and increased income of a rainmaker and trusted advisor in helping them grow their business.

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