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Russ Whitney – Intensified Training 3 Day Seminar Manual (1 PDF)

Russ Whitney – Intensified.pdf

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***Huge thanks to mrimage for scanning the files***

This is the manual from the Russ Whitney Intensified
Training 3 Day Seminar.

“The overall training curriculum focuses on establishing you as a real estate investor, properly structuring your business, and how to find the seed capital to start. You will learn the importance of creating a buyer and seller database. We well enhance your communication and negotiation skills, and provide training in how to work with bankers, brokers, and Realtors.

It has been proven that successful people use real estate to create multiple sources of cash flow that are needed to become successful. We start by training you to locate distressed properties and motivated sellers. The training takes you step-by-step through the mechanics of a real estate deal. It will cover everything from writing a contract that protects your interest and limits your liabilities to creative financing strategies and much more.

We introduce you to a variety of real estate “specialties.” Most real estate investors ultimately find their own niche and create a “cookie cutter” system that meets their interests. The most popular areas of interest are: foreclosures, wholesale buying, purchase options, property management, discount mortgages, and even commercial investment, and asset protection.

Finally, you will discover many of the tax benefits of investing in real estate as well as owning your own business. You will leave this 3-day workshop armed with the knowledge and confidence to get started in the business of real estate investment.”



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