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Russell Brunson – Secret $100k Meeting + Pruvit Example Video

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Some of my fellow vaulters requested this, so this is done for you. I’ve also included a new video from my private files for you, so please read this first

This is the audio version of this product:


I’ve separated this product into two folders:

1. StandalonePresentation
2. 3PartWithRussellAdditions

Folder 1 is literally a new audio I just ripped from the above named product (one file).

Folder 2 is the original audio I had for this presentation (before I had the video above), with Russell speaking to introduce it. It is also in 3 parts so you will hear the intro music and Russell introduce each section specifically , on each file.

They’re both the same presentation, so you do not need to download both (unless you like to know every little detail, like me).

Also, a true exclusive from my private files… Maybe a year+ ago, I went on a hunt and found the original Pruvit video that Russell keeps referencing in this talk. Yes, I’ve included that here for you as well.

Watch the Pruvit video before and after you hear the main talk, and you will see how it all fits together.

Very good stuff from Russell, and now you have it too.




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