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SalesGravy, Tibor Shanto – Voice Mail Mastery

Tibor Shanto – Voice Mail Mastery
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Get 50% of Your Voice Mails Returned

Believe it or not, voice mail has been around since the late 1970’s, and for all the advances mankind has made since then, voice mail still seems to puzzle and cripple the success of many B2B sales people – to borrow a term from a recent commercial, they see voice mail as “an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum.”

Yet, voice mail works well and becomes an integral part of your prospecting tool kit when mastered and leveraged effectively. In this course, Tibor Shanto pulls the veil from the mystery that surrounds voice mail.

Tibor has developed a technique that will get up to 50% of your voice mails returned! In this course he answers the age old question “should I leave a voice mail?” and then teaches you the keys making voice mail work. Enroll now and in less than 30 minutes you’ll gain all the tools you need to master voice mail!


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