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Scott Hallman – Speed2Profits / Speed To Profits Express

[63 Videos (MP4) + 57 workbooks (PDF)]

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A little back story:

It took me 47 weeks to bring Scott Halman’s Predictable Marketing to BizLearning. Got there in the end.

Then there was Speed2Profits Express.

Do you remember all the drama trying to get this to BizLearning? Boy did I try. There were all sorts of users trying to make it happen, VIP’s, Elite’s. Mod’s and more (thank you kindly):

and my urgent callout:

However, it wasn’t to be. However, I’ve managed to source this from another forum, and the good repoman has confirmed it’s ok to upload to BizLearning.

Site for this upload:

There is another sales page for a (possibly newer) version of this course:


This upload contains something the second version doesn’t have and that is the SalesEngager / SalesAccelerator.

However, this version does not include the Videos of the PurchaseMaximizer, ReferralLauncher, LoyaltyCreator modules (even though they are mentioned on the sales page below).

UPDATE: However, here are the PDF of those modules missing from this product:

Sales Page Text:


This is a step by step program to help you uncover rapid revenue and cash flow maximizing opportunities within your business.  The target is to help you add 25-50% in profits. Perhaps the best part is you can achieve these results with just a few hours of time investment a week.

This program will help you systematically build your business, utilizing PROVEN strategies and tactics that Scott has used to build his companies that were twice ranked on the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Every week you will get a new training module, broken into 7-15-minute video training sessions. This is followed by Scott conducting live group interactive training calls where he drills down deeper on the strategies, and coach members on customizing the strategies and tactics to their unique businesses.

This training program applies to virtually every business on the planet, regardless of size, industry, sophistication or resources. In fact, this system has been implemented in over 250 industries worldwide.


If you have more info on how to get the missing modules, please upload to BizLearning or feel free to PM me.

As always, if you generate revenue with this program, reward the author and buy it, to spread around some good vibes.


PS: Extra thanks for Italian BizLearning user ‘P’ who put me on the trail of this product – thank you my friend


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