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Scott Miller – The Conversion Lab

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NEW! How to use Split and Multivariate testing to drive your conversion rate through the stratosphere

   * The most important phase of a test, that doesn’t even involve your website!
   * When to use Split Testing and when to use Multivariate tests to get the highest ROI from your activities.
   * How to test without affecting your Natural Search Engine rankings.
   * 25 Common sources of Experimental Noise that can render your results completely useless.
   * Which is better: A script you install on your server, or a hosted service?
   * The 7 key categories of page elements that literally define your success
   * Why most marketers are incorrect when they optimize by looking only at the conversion rate
   * A library of 50 of the most important testable items on any site
   * Includes a review of 5 key attributes your testing system should have.
   * See 25 real life screen shots taken from actual live websites.


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