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Sean Cannell – 10x Your Business with Youtube (Compressed)

Sean Cannell – 10x Your Business with Youtube
[65 MP4, 12 PDF, 39 PNG]

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This product is a compressed version of the original product here:

It was originally part of a GB, but now available to PU+ for some time.

Size shrinks from: 9.42GB to 3.9GB

If you have issues with playback, use VLC.

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Review from pbrodrick01:


Here’s my review, but first a quick note in case the uploader can upload the missing file:

Note:one of the files is wrong

the first module has a video called: 1 – Reverse Engineer Your YT Success.mp4 (Within the Video Ranking Academy course)

but this video is the exact same as the quick start video: 2 – Make Money on YT Quick Start.mp4

My review

(I have only watched the Video Ranking Academy so far)

FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for a Youtube course that actually explains how to rank videos even if you’re building a channel from scratch.

This course gave me a clear, coherent, end-to-end gameplan of how to select topics that will actually get traffic all the way through all the things to do AFTER uploading the video to make it rank better.

There are 2 other full courses in this product, but I can say the Video Ranking Academy is excellent if you want a plan that explains exactly WHY to pick a specific topic, WHAT to look for and HOW to do it…

This was the biggest issue for me because if I was going to go through the trouble of making a video, having it edited, figuring out keywords, typing a description, etc. etc. etc. (all the stuff that goes into an individual video…), then I definitely did not want to waste my time creating and uploading videos that would never get traction… and this is especially an issue when starting a channel from scratch.

5/5 from me for this


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