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Sean D’Souza – Article Writing Home Study [(M4A) + (MP3) + (FLAC) + (PDF) + (MMAP)

Sean D’Souza – Article Writing Home Study
[(M4A) + (MP3) + (FLAC) + (PDF) + (MMAP)

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Sean D’Souza’s
Article Writing Home Study Course

Here’s the outline of what you’ll learn in the course:

Session 1:
1) The Grid: How To Use A Simple Grid To Ensure Great Articles
2) How To Dig Deep For A Single Angle–Instead Of Dealing With a Time-Wasting Topic.
3) How To Choose A Writing Personality That Suits You.

Session 2:
1) The Power of Sandwiching: How It Helps Create Powerful Entry And Exit Points.
2) Getting Unstuck: Using A Factor Of Blah-Blah To Keep The Momentum Going.
3) How To Create Effective Summaries (And Why Summaries Are Important).

Session 3:
1) The First Fifty Words: How To Instantly Get Attention.
2) The Wall: Why You Need To Create Intense Drama Mid-Way Into Your Article.
3) New-Knew: How To Create Flow (And Avoid Reader-Anxiety) With The New-Knew Factor.

Session 4:
1) How To Create Headlines
2) How To Audit Headlines (Find Out Which Headline Components Derail Your Article)
3) Headline Mistakes That You’ve Probably Never Realised Before

Session 5:
1) How To Use The Power of Connectors.
2) Why Sub-Headlines Are Critical To Keep The Bridget Between Paragraphs (And A Dead-Easy Way To Create Compelling Sub-Headlines)
3) How To Construct Paragraphs: The Visual Factor Of Paragraphs.

Session 6:
1) Quickstart Methods That Work
2) Packaging Your Article Visually: Understanding How Clients Read (And Why They Don’t)
3) Re-Distribution: How To Create Articles That Become Presentations, Books, Reports, and Sales Tools. Do It Once, And Re-Distribute Endlessly.

And this isn’t counting the additional bonuses. Now these bonuses aren’t some stupid add-ons. They’re specifically designed by me, and they’re designed to take your article writing even further. But you’ll find out for yourself anyway.

As mentioned before: This course is designed not as an info-dump, but true methods of learning, such as layering, and repetition are involved. Plus various media such as mindmaps, forums etc are added to make sure you get a true learning experience. And so that the learning experience translates into better article-writing, which in turn attracts better clients.

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