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Sean D’Souza – Brain Audit 3.2

Brain Audit 3.2
[eBook (PDF) + Readme]

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Brain Audit Version 3.2 Pre-Release
Announcing the secret, pre-release of the Brain Audit Version 3.2 (and how you can get the “special limited edition” version)

For the past two years, I’ve been working on a not-so-secret project
This not-so-secret project is the launch of the Brain Audit Version 3.2. And considering that it took me just two weeks to write the original version of the Brain Audit, a timeline of two years may seem excessive.

That is, until you see the Brain Audit Version 3.2.
The biggest challenge in writing this book was how to distill a chunky seven years of work into less than 160 pages (yes, it’s expanded to 160 pages). And as you’ll find, every single one of those pages really make a point in a way you’ve never experienced before.
There’s also the update of cartoons…

There are well over 100 cartoons. Each of those cartoons help you to grasp the same concept from a completely different angle. The cartoons aren’t there just for embellishment. They’re around to drive a point.

Of course there are detailed summaries, checklists and all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from us at Psychotactics.

In short, it’s a superb learning experience, that will help you on two fronts.

Front 1: You’ll deepen your understanding of ‘Why Customers Buy (and Why They Don’t).
Front 2: You’ll be able to compare the existing Brain Audit with the new one. And this gives you a template of how to improve your own infoproducts/white papers.
So getting down to What’s New

How to Isolate the Problem (pages 16-20): In earlier versions, we talked about the importance of the ‘Problem.’ And while it’s important to recognise the power of the ‘Problem,’ it’s also important to recognise that if you bring up too many problems in your message, you not only scare off the customer, but you’re also unable to drive home the importance of the problem in all its detail.

Process vs. Solution (page 28): In some instances, we tend to confuse our process with the ‘Solution.’ What’s the difference between the process we follow and the ‘Solution’? You’ll find the explanation on Page 28.

Target Profile (pages 36-57): This may seem like the ol’ Target Audience chapter, and it’s not. It’s different. And not just different for the sake of being different. This ‘Target Profile’ not only reduces your workload tremendously, but it also increases the emotion and power in your message. Read this chapter. Read it well. Read it often. Easily the most important chapter in the book.

The Roller Coaster Effect (pages 63-65): Often we bring up the ‘Problem’ and then promptly drop it. This isn’t a good idea. The ‘Roller Coaster Effect’ goes into a little detail about why you need to drive home the problem.

The Wife/Husband/Accountant/Business-Partner Test (pages 75-78): Starting with the last paragraph on page 75, you’ll run into the real reason why you need to create a list of objections. Continue reading onwards to page 78 to figure out how to create a comprehensive list of objections.

The Six Questions For An Outstanding Testimonial: (pages 89-90): Remember how the earlier versions of the Brain Audit introduced you to these six questions? Well, there’s a slight variation in the questions so you can get more precise answers. There’s also the reasoning behind why each of the questions are being asked. And why it’s imperative to ask all six questions.

The Link Between Testimonials and objections (pages 91-93): You may not have realised it before (and I sure didn’t), but there’s an umbilical cord between testimonials and objections. Find out how they’re related, and why the relationship is critical, especially as the customer is very close to making a decision at this point. This link reduces the resistance the customer feels, so understanding this relationship is pretty darned important if you ask me.

The Hidden Risk (pages 102-105): There’s always a hidden risk involved in any transaction. Obviously, this isn’t your standard 100% money-back guarantee. So what’s the hidden risk? Start with the last paragraph on page 102, and then keep reading till page 105.

Naming the Guarantee (page 106): Hmmm, most of us never name our guarantee/warranty. Find out why it’s important. And yes, there are examples too.

Butter Chicken Recipe (pages 113-114): No, you’re not seeing things. It’s a recipe for butter chicken. And if you want to impress the heck out of someone, follow the instructions.

How To Create Uniqueness-The Steps: (pages 129-136): In a way the entire chapter has been approached from a different perspective, so reading the entire chapter with a fresh mind will help. However, if you want to cut to the chase, then pages 129-136 will help you um, cut to the chase.
So why bother with the Brain Audit Version 3.2 if you’ve already got an earlier version?

1) The new version is a distillation of seven years of selling well over $1 million worth of products and services. It really shows you what we’ve learned and it’s all in this book.
2) The new version is a simple, powerful template for your own infoproducts, white papers, notes etc. The content has been created to avoid information overload.
3) The new version is available in a special signed edition (yes, it’s a PDF + an actual printed version). And each copy will be specially signed and despatched to you.

Note: This offer will only be available for a period of three weeks from Friday March 27- Friday April 25, 2009(both days included). Once this offer expires, it expires. We don’t intend to release the Version 3.2 for a long time, so no it won’t be available on the website for quite a while. All the goodies that come with the Premium version will also be solely linked to this offer, and not be available should you miss the deadline.

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