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Sean D’Souza – Headline Writing Course

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There is no sales letter for this as it’s an headline writing course Sean did for Wordtracker.

I had to search for it, format it for easier reading and compile it.

I think anyone who’s interested in copywriting will benefit from this short course.

Please do not leak this anywhere else. For this reason I’m restricting the download.

Side note:

I’ve joined another private forum and I’ve noticed some members here are also members there: some under the same names and some tend to post the same comments under a different name (stupid?)

I’ve also noticed some sharing stuff from here to there under the same name. I’m openly mentioning this as I hope it will deter them from doing it again.

In the short time I’ve been on BizLearning I’ve learned and gained a lot, both from products and the people here and I’m very grateful. So I’m not happy to see people openly sharing things with other forums.

While I don’t generally join GBs, I do contribute financially. So please, if you’re sharing outside of BizLearning … don’t.

I refuse to share anything from BizLearning to anywhere else. And I refuse to share anything from other forums to BizLearning. It’s called integrity.

Available to PUs and above.


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