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Sean D’Souza- Psychotactics – Copywriting

Sean D’Souza- Psychotactics – Copywriting
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Sean D’Souza – Psychotactics – Copywriting Homestudy Course

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opywriting – Home Study
Strategies To Write Powerful Copy for Sales Pages and Articles

Wouldn’t you like to write sales copy that turns tentative prospects into red-hot clients?

Learn the step by step system to increase your profit and get your products and services selling faster than ever before!

Presenting: The Compelling Copywriting for Sales Letters Home Study Course. The Science Of Persuasion

Persuasion: Copywriting for Sales Letter

How To Create Compelling Sales Letters. The Science Of Persuasion. It is a comprehensive course containing audio and detailed notes.

You too can write copy, both for sales letters and articles. You too can write emails that convert customers to buy your products; to hire you for consulting and other services; to fill workshops, training classes and teleconferences.

This Copywriting for Sales Letters course is engineered (yes, it’s engineered) to do the following

   1) Improve your persuasiveness in writing.
   2) Reduce the frustration of never getting past the first line.
   3) Create content that is so captivating that customers buy from you.

We use a simple system to achieve the above

   1) Deconstruction
   2) Reconstruction

In deconstruction, you’ll take apart sales letters, articles and other forms of copy. You’ll see why the best copywriters in the world, became who they are, and what systems they used to persuade their audiences.
In construction, you’ll learn exactly what strategies and tactics you need to create copy that moves people to action. Any fool can write copy that gets applause. What you need to do, is write copy that gets people into action.


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