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Sean D’Souza – THE BIG SECRET + Attraction-Conversion-Consumption Teleseminar

Sean Dsouza – Attraction Conversion Consumption Primer
[6 Documents (PDF)]

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Sean D’Souza – Triggers Teleseminar [6 Documents (PDF)]

These are the transcripts and notes Sean D’Souza did for a teleseminar on the triggers of Attraction, Conversion and Consumption.

He describes the process of each step.

He also shares the ‘big secret’…

IF YOU WOULD PREFER TO PAY FOR THE CURRENT GB FOR HIS MATERIAL, DO NOT READ ON…I’m sure the GB is good, but this contains what is proposed in the GB.



The Website Strategy Masterclass teaches you the foundation; the bedrock of what makes a great website tick. You’ll learn the simple, yet extremely powerful secret that goes back thousands of years, which enables you to turn your website into a virtual magnet. This secret, has been used almost unwittingly, by best-selling authors, by religious heads, and by rock stars.

So what’s the big secret?
The big secret is used by companies like Club Med, Harley Davidson, Apple Computers. And it turns their customers into raving fans. It causes their customers to stay intensely loyal. Without much nudging, their customers turn into super-evangelists.

And most importantly, not only do the customers keep coming back, but are willing to pay higher prices for newer products. Best of all, you don’t need to be a Club Med, Harley Davidson or Apple.

You can achieve similar results without having the big brand name and squillions of dollars in your marketing budget. In fact, the secret has nothing to do with brand name or marketing spend.

Strangely, it has nothing to do with websites either!
The secret drills down to the core of what’s happening in the customer’s brain. It exposes the psychological cornerstone of your strategy that needs to be employed, on which all the rest of your tactics are based. That without this simple (and it is simple) secret, you will be forever doomed to the cycle of a website that struggles on forever.

Website Strategy Masterclass: Say Goodbye to Struggle
In the Website Strategy Masterclass, you’ll learn:

1) The core secret. The one thing on which your entire website, AND your entire business should be built on.
2) How that core secret attracts customers by the truckload. How those customers keep coming back time after time. How those customers are willing to spend more each time.
3) Why inspite of fierce competition, your customers will not desert you. And this is how the core secret keeps them bound to you.
4) You’ll learn the precise steps involved in attraction, conversion and consumption. The exact psychological factors that every website must have–and without which you’re just wasting your time and money.
5) That you don’t need to have 25,000 customers on your database. That with smaller numbers, you can live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined, and not have to stress about where the next buck comes from.

The Website Strategy Masterclass is built on three main modules
1) The core secret that’s thousands of years old and that is vital for you to understand and deploy.
2) What’s behind the trio of Attraction, Conversion and Consumption? And how do you employ this trio to devastating effect?
3) Actual workshop time to work on your own business. This is not a yackity-yak-sit-down-and-listen seminar. It’s an actual workshop, with actual time to think through and work through the process–and evaluate what you’ve done. Plus you get comprehensive notes.

“You were expecting some big secret, weren’t you?
It’s called community. Yeah, that’s the big secret. Creating community among your clients. Harley does it. Sting does it. Apple does it. So why don’t you do it?” – Sean D’Souza

So, now you know the big secret — and the transcripts provide the information for the attraction, conversion and consumption stuff.

done and done.

The full article is reprinted below for your interest.


Imagine yourself in a helicopter over Milwaukee, USA, on the
shiny morning of June 13, 1998.

You look down casually on the criscrossing tangle of roads on Interstate 94, and then do a doubletake. You can’t believe your eyes.

It seems like there are hundreds of moving objects on the highway below. Maybe even thousands. You watch in horror as a veritable sea of black advances like warrior ants into downtown Milwaukee.

You hastily reach for your binoculars and your heart goes thump, thump, thump. Thousands upon thousands of Harley bikers, swathed in trademark leather and shining chrome bikes seem to be almost invading the city.

What should you do? Maybe you should call the newspaper. The police perhaps. Surely Milwaukee needs some sort of warning.

But it’s too late. The bikers are already in the city.

Then you see the fluttering flags

The roads of Milwaukee seem to be lined with cheering people.
Flags flutter in the sunshine. The roar of the crowd seems to
drown the chucka, chucka, chucka sound of the helicopter you’re in.

Down at street level, 50,000 proud Harleys roar through the city.
You don’t know it yet, but among those riders are senior executives, CEOs, employees and long-time owners of Harleys. It’s a heck of a parade and over 125,000 owners turn up for Harley’s big 95th Come Home’ birthday.

Wouldn’t it surprise you, even appall you, to know that in the spring of 1984, just 14 years earlier, only twenty eight bikers showed up?

28 to 365,000 members: What changed in 14 years?

It’s called HOG. Short for Harley Owners Group.

Harley had dug a deep financial hole for themselves in 1983. Money for advertising was kinda non-existent. Saddled with this Catch 22 situation, Harley Davidson set about creating the first HOG chapter.

Using newsletters and club magazines they built their susbcriber
base one member at a time. From one solitary chapter, the HOG has mushroomed to an astounding 940 chapters around the world.

Working on an advertising budget of 10 cents or less

In 1997, Harley Davidson spent just $1 million on advertising. Before you say “Oh, I don’t have a million,” — look at Harley’s
advertising budget for 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992…all the way to 1984.


A big fat zero.

All their money, squillions of dollars, went into creating an absolutely top-notch product. And then creating a community that would buy into the brand.

You were expecting some big secret, weren’t you?

It’s called community. Yeah, that’s the big secret. Creating community among your clients. Harley does it. Sting does it. Apple does it. So why don’t you do it?

It’s way too much trouble, huh?

Well let’s jump back to Harley Davidson’s profit line. Think jackets, boots, gloves, t-shirts, bike accessories, baseball caps. Then do the math. Don’t you think each HOG member is going to spend at least $10 to keep up his/her Harley image?

What’s $10 profit x 350,000 members? You got it. $3.5 million.

Now let’s look at actual figures In 1996, Harley took home $100 million. Up from $20 million, just eight years before in 1988. Mind boggling, huh?

And we’re not even counting the profits from the sales of the
Harley bikes!

So how can you do a Harley?

Let’s face it. You work too damn hard in your business

Yes, you know you’ve got to sell time and again to a customer.
And yes you know the real profit lies in your existing customer
coming back time and again. And that customers talk to customers and it helps to build sales.

But where the heck are you going to get the time to do all of this
community business?

If Katrina can do it, you can

Katrina runs a little dress store in a town that boasts of less than
15,000 residents. Business can be cut-throat, specially with the
big megastores within ‘small business gobbling distance.’

Yet Katrina’s done a ‘Harley.’

Every month, Katrina heads out for coffee. And she’s not alone.
In the quaint little cafe down the road, there’s a hubbub of excitement. Katrina’s customers are having a whale of a time. They’re laughing, chatting and tucking into cheesecake — while Katrina picks up the tab month after month.

Do you see the word advertising anywhere?

Printing of glossy brochures? Hundreds of dollars of publicity?

All it costs is $2.50 for a coffee. Per customer. Per month.

That’s all it takes. And Katrina’s community builds one customer at a time. Customers bring friends, friends bring friends and the dresses fly out of Katrina’s dress store.

Why community is the most powerful secret of all

1) The competition doesn’t have a clue
While conventional advertising and publicity is great, it costs
serious moolah. And everyone, including competitors, can see
exactly what you’re doing. Once they get their grubby hands
on your plans, they can outspend you, outsmart you and send your business into outer Mongolia.

With community, you can see who’s coming through the door. And you’re the doorkeeper. It gives you the chance to create Super Glue loyalty, long before your competition wises up.

2) Communities give specific and vital feedback
Ja, ja. They may complain good-naturedly at times. But mostly
they’ll be giving you valuable feedback. They’ll tell you what they
want and what is passe. They’ll bond with you. Trust you and your judgement with each meeting.

You will no longer have to guess what your customers want.
They’ll tell you even without your asking. What more could you ask for?

3) No man is an island
You’ve heard that phrase before. No man or woman likes to be an isolated case. Psychologically, we all like to be part of a group, a society, a country or a community of some sort. Give your clients something to cling to and watch how leaders and volunteers form within the community, dramatically lessening your workload.

Bankers call it compound interest

Invest in an account now and put away a little bit every day
Suddenly before you know it, you’ve got gazillions in the bank.
Building community is no different. You’ll have to put the pieces together, one evangelist at a time.

Ladies and gentlemen, rev up your engines. Hit the road and start building your community. And you’ll find as Harley has found with HOG.

That yes, communities do bring home the ‘bacon.’ :wink:


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