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Semantic Mastery – Battleplan 3.0 – SEO Confidential

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From Bradley Benner & The Semantic Mastery Team

The “Art Of War” Playbook That Combines Decades Of Distilled SEO Experience & Cutting Edge Practices!

Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Find In Your Own Powerful Battleplan:

  • The 2 most important rules for marketing consulting to ensure you see the best results and the most success – Page 7 & 8
  • What is the POFU Path explained – Page 12
  • The one single thing you HAVE to focus on to get results – Page 7
  • How YOU can get the best results with the Battleplan – Page 14
  • What you need to do with domains to have a solid foundation for your website – Page 15
  • The best way to tear apart a new niche with powerful keyword research and profit from the results – Page 16
  • How you can create content that satisfies search engines and readers without spending $1000’s of bucks or wasting all of your time writing – page 18
  • The 8 steps you must take to maximize the traffic & rankings of any project – Page 20
  • Which 5 off-site factors you better focus on moving forward – Page 21
  • How to make sure you get results for any website – brand spanking new or aged! – Page 22
  • What you ALSO need to consider for a local website – Page 24
  • The steps you can follow to dominate YouTube (PLUS bonus training for Battleplan purchasers in the members area) – Page 25
  • Lead Generation insights that let you turn Google My Business (GMB) assets into ATM’s – Page 27
  • And much, MUCH, MORE!

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