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Shane Melaugh & Viola Eva – SEO Sprint

Shane Melaugh – SEO Sprint
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What You Learn In SEO Sprint:

This 10-day sprint-based program is separated into 5 sequential modules. Not only will you learn how to perform SEO for your own website, but you’ll be guided through the practical application of each and every step.

Module 1: Decoding Google

Get your SEO strategy overview and set goals that suit a business of your size and scale. Arm yourself with a powerful set of free tools both on and off your website, so that you can make sense of the Google mystery and decode what is working. You’ll learn what it means to build a brand that Google will happily promote.

Module 2: Value-Driven Keyword Research

Identify the perfect search terms worth targeting in your SEO campaign, that are the right balance of achievable and valuable. You will review your existing content to see any missed opportunities worth repairing.

Module 3: Rock Solid Site Structure

Learn to structure your website into content clusters that compound your SEO efforts. You’ll be able to map keywords to pages and plan content creation with upgrades for your target keywords.

Module 4: SEO Content Writing Formula

Get the exact plug-and-play content formula that takes your SEO strategy and guides you through writing to attract those Google searches. You’ll understand all the on-page and technical SEO steps you need to create content pieces that users and Google love.

Module 5: Building Authority

In this module, you’ll discover sustainable link building strategies that suit the scope of your business. Find out how to spy on your competition and find gaps that allow your website’s domain authority to grow quickly.


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