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Simpleology – Flipping The Morning Person Switch

Simpleology – Flipping The Morning Person Switch [1 PDF]
[1 PDF]

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What is the one weird trick all billionaires use to be super successful? According to today’s Simpleology email, it’s because they’re morning people who do more before you wake up than you do all day.

This comic gives you a few things to do for 30 days that will dramatically improve your productiveness. It references a few things you might not know, so here are the instructions pasted from simpleology. Except for the Breath of Fire, as that explanation stunk. So I substituted a better one. :-)

Breath of Fire:

Dry brushing:

Step 1 – Use a natural bristled brush or a loofah (or even your fingers).
Step 2 – Start with light pressure until you’re used to the sensation, then move on to firmer strokes.
Step 3 – Begin with the soles of your feet, use swift upward strokes and brush from the feet, up the legs, working towards your heart.
Step 4 – Once you’ve covered your lower body, move to your hands and work up your arms toward your heart in the same manner.
Step 5 – If you have a long handle brush, brush your back.
Step 6 – Work on your abdomen , chest and neck.
Step 7 – Brush for 3 to 5 minutes until your skin is rosy and slightly tingly.

Do the ‘Bounce and Shake’:
1. Stand with your knees slightly bent, feet comfortably apart, bounce up and down easily without lifting your feels off the ground.

2.  As you bounce, let your arms hang in a relaxed and floppy manner by your side.  Shake your hands by your side as you bounce.

3.  While you gently bounce and shake, slowly nod your head up and down in a comfortable range of no more than two to four inches.

4.  As you nod back and look up, breath in through your nose to the count of five seconds, and then exhale to the count of five seconds as you lower your head.

5.  During the first minute, breathe in and out through your nose. During the remaining one to three minutes, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  When you exhale through your mouth, pucker your lips and blow out as if you were trying to put out a candle two feet in from of you.

6.  Stop bouncing and shaking.  While standing in a relaxed position, take a quiet minute simply to feel the tingling in your body.  This is best felt while standing straight with arms relaxed by your side and knees slightly bent.



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