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Snow In Miami – Live Stream Josh Elizetxe

Snow in Miami
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This is a GB And we are still taking ins here:


$1497 for 30 people only – will need to be a tightly locked GB with TBA on all.

Josh Elizatexe

Listen closely: if you want to build a highly-addictive brand, leave behind a legacy that your children’s children will reap the benefits from, and tap into wide-open markets starving for your products, and do it without hiring a giant team, then keep reading, because…
For the first time in ecommerce history…

…two of the world’s most successful ecomm business owners are joining forces and inviting the first 50 serious ecomm entrepreneurs to cross over their “business moat” and enter their castle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

For 2 full days, 50 fast-acting ecomm entrepreneurs will be able to smoke cigars, drink fine spirits, network, and learn how to implement their “industry-disrupting” methods, for powerful results, in less than 24 hours guaranteed.

Open to all!


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