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SocialBee University
Social Media Workshops Online

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‘Become a Skilled Social Media Specialist’ with our Workshops and Training. This course has enjoyed huge popularity and appreciation among young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Become A Skilled Social Media Specialist
Online Course and Community by SocialBee

Module 1: Buyer Persona
(120 min)
Buyer Persona: what it is, how to create it, how to use it
The difference between Target Audience and Buyer Persona
How to discover pain points, wants and needs
Mistakes when creating your Buyer Persona
The importance of Buyer Personas for Social Media
Examples of Buyer Personas

Module 2: Copywriting for Social Media
(113 min)
Social Media Copywriting Tips
How to get to know your customers
How to create effective marketing copy that sells
Product features and benefits
Copywriting Formulas
Humor and Competitive Copywriting
How to master CTAs

Module 3: Intro to Ads
(120 min)
Introduction to Social Media Advertising
How to maximize your potential with paid advertising
The importance of Data analysis
How to use paid Ads to your advantage

Module 4: Content Types/Ideas
(120 min)
How to come up with different types of content and create a good content strategy
How to create your content strategy, when you don’t have inspiration or ideas
Why a content strategy is a must

Module 5: Branding on Social Media
(120 min)
What is “On Brand”?
Social Media Branding Strategies
Establish social media branding guidelines for your business
Building Brand Identity & Trust through Social Media

Module 6: SocialBee Intro
(120 min)
How to create a consistent posting schedule
Balanced content categories
Best practices for posting on Social Media
How to repurpose your content, save time, and win readers
How to do all these in the SocialBee Platform

Module 7: Social Media Toolkit
(120 min)
Create and collaborate on visuals with Xara
Learn to automate everything through RSS feeds
How to use URL shorteners to track and convert
Other essential tools you need in your toolkit
Additional special offers on some of these tools

Module 8: Intro to Freelancing
(120 min)
How to become a successful freelancer
How to decrease risks & be successful as a freelancer
What nobody told you about freelancing
Blue oceans and what should you do about Free Work
Best strategies to help you jump into the startup world

Who is this training NOT for?
Advanced copywriters and marketers
People who have no knowledge of English
Those who have no interest in creating any social presence whatsoever
Those who are not interested in starting a career in Social Media/Marketing
Those who are not ready to roll-up their sleeves and do the work

Who is this training for?
Beginner and mid-level marketing specialists
Those interested in pursuing a career in marketing
Beginner and mid-level copywriters/content writers
Entrepreneurs who need to get a better understanding of Social Media best practices
Anyone interested in starting a career in Social Media/Marketing

If you find yourself in one of these categories and you want
to learn about Social Media or simply want to become better at what you do,

then join our Social Media Online Course and BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST from the COMFORT of YOUR HOME!


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