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Soren Hougaard – The Business Idea: The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship

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Soren Hougaard – The Business Idea: The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship


Successful business ideas are not so much about talent as about a systematic approach. The Business Idea encourages new ways of thinking when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation. Too many ventures originate in the solutions the entrepreneur has to offer and not in the problem the customer needs solved. Business plans done this way can often lead to disappointment. The Business Idea leaves behind this product orientated logic. The book presents new, applicable entrepreneurship methods for developing creative market insight, for identifying windows of opportunity, creating business concepts and entrepreneurial strategies for successful market entry. Entrepreneurship is a complex and risky process compared to almost everything else in business life, so it richly deserves to have its own theoretical and methodological toolbox. The Business Idea provides the tools making it of interest to anyone who works with getting an enterprise off the ground or studies entrepreneurship.

Table of contents :
Introduction and Summary….Pages 9-22
Entrepreneurship as a competency….Pages 23-42
Creative market insight….Pages 43-67
The window of opportunity….Pages 69-96
Creation of the business concept….Pages 97-120
Entry barriers to markets….Pages 121-143
Strategies for market entry….Pages 145-174
The positive influence of competitors….Pages 175-197
Entrepreneurship and business ideas in the embryonic market….Pages 199-228


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