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Sovereign Man Confidential – Tax Mitigation

Sovereign Man Confidential – Tax Mitigation
[ 9 Videos (MP4+TS) ]

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Tax Mitigation:

In a series of videos from our events Simon and various tax attorneys discuss multiple strategies for deferring, minimizing, or even completely eliminating your taxes. These strategies range from the simple to the complex, but they’re all completely legal and can save you a tremendous amount in taxes

1. Recap of how and why you should use a foreign company for asset protection & the compliance involved

2. How you can use a foreign corporation for asset protection

3. Foreign corporations and US taxes

3. Reporting requirements & compliance for US taxpayers

4. Tax Strategy_Start Your Own Insurance Company

5. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

6. How to use a foreign company to achieve tax deferral for an operating business

7. What is tax deferral & A big picture educational overview for achieving it

8. How to Minimize & Even Eliminate Taxes With Two Unique Options in Puerto Rico


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