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Stelios Stylianou – StockLock Trading – Masterclass

StockLock Masterclass
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Stelios Stylianou – StockLock Trading – Masterclass
Price: $1000


It’s the ‘paint-by-numbers’ day trading system you’ve been looking for to get you to $1,000 per day …

What Stocklock Masterclass will do is teach you the hard and fast ‘paint-by-numbers’ rules that I trade with daily to get you making $1,000+ every day just like I am fortunate enough to do consistently.

   ★  SL-15: The Big Bang Strategy
I had to start with my SL-15 strategy as it is the ultimate powerhouse! This is my secret sauce strategy that I haven’t shared before. People ask me on Twitter how I’m able trade so consistently every day … and this is the answer. You WONT find this discussed in any chatroom as it’s completely my own 100% proprietary day trading strategy. Trade this strategy and I can guarantee your results, read more about my guarantee further down the page.

   ★  SL-1: 9 EMA
The way that I trade 9 EMA plays is completely different to anything you will have seen before. I have devised a set of criteria to look for so that we can pinpoint our exact entry and exits that make this strategy very profitable with only a small risk.

   ★  SL-2: Momentum Continuation
You may have heard the fake gurus talking about momentum plays touting “buy the breakout” nonsense. Ignore everything you’ve been told as my unique twist accompanied with my laser targeted entry and exit rules will put you on the profitable side of these plays.

   ★  SL-3: Four Soldiers
This is one of my oldest and most reliable trading strategies. I will always have a soft spot for this strategy as it is what allowed me to first become consistently profitable, and I have continued to perfect it ever since. You’re going to enjoy this one as it’s great for building small accounts.

   ★  SL-4: Parabolic Short
After staring at charts for the past 13 years I’ve noticed a very predictable pattern for catching those parabolic shorts VERY early. If you love to short stocks, then you will be smiling to yourself as I teach you this strategy in the videos inside the course.

   ★  SL-5: The 2pm Setup
I would say that 80% of the time I am done trading by 11:30am, but I will often log back in to catch my 2pm setup. I have devised some very specific trigger criteria to catch those account building, post-2pm, all-day-faders.

   ★  SL-6: The Opening bell
Market open’s at 9:30 am est time. You often see me taking few fast trades at the open and you wonder what setup did i see. In this strategy i will teach you exactly how to profitably trade the first 10 minutes of the market open.

   ★  SL-7: Zeus Hammer
You see a stock going up on multiple days and you wish you knew when is a good time to short them without getting squeezed? The Zeus Hammer strategy will teach you how to time your entry like a sniper. No guessing.


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