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Stephen Key’s inventRight Home Study Course

Stephen Key’s inventRight Home Study Course

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Stephen Key’s
inventRight Home Study Course

Selling Your Ideas
Bring Your Product to Market

Buy the inventRight home study course, and I’ll walk you through the process, showing you how to make money with your ideas.

I have condensed 20 years of experience into a simple to understand 10 step method. Each step has specific activities you can do, starting today, to help you license (sell) your ideas.

My comprehensive workbook includes sample Non-Disclosure Agreements, sample contracts, cold calling practice cards and much more.

The audio CD’s are packed with over 3 hours of step by step instruction for making money with your ideas. It’s a quick and easy way to learn. Instantly index to any step you need to learn!

You won’t find this information anywhere else. Learn the ins and outs of the invention process from my 20 years of experience.

This home study course is packed full of helpful information, advice and most importantly, my “step by step system” for making money with your ideas that I’ve perfected through many years of trial and error.

And don’t forget, inventRight is here to assist you for one full year from the date you buy the course. If you don’t understand one of the 10 steps we teach you in the course, just call us. We are here to help you.

Step 1 – Study The Marketplace –
As easy as visiting your local store.

Step 2 – Invent For The Marketplace –
Use your creativity to add value to existing products.

Step 3 – Evaluate Your Ideas –
Identify one of your ideas that is easy to manufacture and has the most benefits.

Step 4 – Prototyping Your Ideas –
Quick and inexpensive ways to bring your ideas to life.

Step 5 – The One Sentence Benefit Statement –
Boil down the benefits of your idea into one sentence.

Step 6 – Sell Sheets –
The most important sales tool you will ever need.

Step 7 – Protect Your Idea –
Protect your ideas for only $100. The power of a Provisional Patent Application

Step 8 – Making The Call To Sell Your Idea –
Important tips for calling potential licensees

Step 9 – How To Cut A Great Deal –
Cutting a deal so that everyone wins.

Step 10 – Moving On To The Next Idea –
It’s a numbers game, keep inventing


How to Create a Marketable Product
   The creative process
   Refining Ideas
   Do some research

Bringing Your Product Idea To Life
    What’s necessary
   The one sentence description
   Prototypes, inexpensively
   The practice one sentence description

How to Protect Your Ideas
    Personal patent experience
   What is a patent?
   What is patentable?
   Background research is key
   How to choose a patent attorney
   Hidden costs
   The realty of rejection

How to Make Contact
    Why we all hate cold calling
   Make your hit list
   How to get the right phone number
   Hot to call the right person
   What to say – the fast ball pitch

Submitting Your Product
   You don’t need a face to face meeting
   Understanding Corporate America
   Take a picture
   Learn from “No”

Licensing vs. Manufacturing
   Factors to consider
   Risk assessment is key
   Ask around
   Where’s the money?

How to Negotiate
   The business terms of a license
   Royalty rates
   Performance Requirements

Signing a Contract
   How to review and sign a license
   Boiler Plate language
   Termination clauses
   Patent ownership
   Patent protection / policing
   Attorney input, when and how much
   Contract management

Policing Your Invention
   Keeping tabs on your licensees
   Stay in touch with the market
   Read trade magazines
   Getting ripped off, what do you do?

Lawsuits, Who Wins?
   The real cost of litigation
   Assess what you want before you sue
   Pursue other methods
   Plan for the long haul
   Negotiate with your own attorneys

Don’t Quit Now, It’s a Numbers Game
   Review what you have learned
   Don’t stop with one product
   Invent more!
   Submit, submit, and submit
   Financial reward lies with multiple licenses
   Managing your product ideas

The home study course includes:

   * A 200+ Page Step by Step Tabbed Workbook
   * 3 Information Pack Step by Step Audio CD’S, showing you how to sell your ideas with very little money
   * Help over the phone. Once you have taken the course, it’s much easier to answer your questions about the course over the phone. Actually, we can usually answer almost any question in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s very likley that we’ve heard your quesiton 100’s of times before, so we’ll be able to get you the answer you need very quickly and efficently!

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